Grace Unknown Episode 11- Good Patterns

Sep 25, 2016 | IsaacHanson

This last week we passed the milestone of 10 Episodes and this week I would like to share Grace Unknown with everyone...

After weeks of doing Grace Unknown, I was confronted by the truth and power that comes from good patterns in our lives and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about this and encourage you to take on some healthy challanges in your own lives.  I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode.

Embrace a Courageous Future!  -ISAAC

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Patricia Dyken / Toulon, IL, US

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Thanks again for sharing Isaac!! Can't tell you enough the impact this has had to so many people!! Another great session!!! I have been stuck in my normal routine over and over and wanting so bad to challenge myself with new things but ive been struggling of when and how to start. I love the idea of accountability..someone to keep going...pushing you off the cliff so to say. 

There is no better way to start off the week with listening to Grace Unknown and taking a moment for decompression encouragement and guidance!! 

Posted Sep 26, 2016   12:14:10 AM


Thank you, Ike :) One more Monday morning got better now! And thank you for sharing this episode with everyone! :)

Posted Sep 26, 2016   01:42:05 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

I know what I should do - You are so right.

Every breath like it matters. 

Posted Sep 26, 2016   02:53:28 AM

Good patterns - I have been on that path for a while now (1+ years), knowing i need to not stress, to not fly off the handle and i am now seeing the practice come to fruition. it is a good feeling. but i also know i still have a way to go. i think it is also quite interesting, comforting we are on the same path,

Posted Sep 26, 2016   03:57:56 AM


Ashlee Hussey / Tampa, FL, US

Thank you Isaac! I look forward to every Monday! 

Posted Sep 26, 2016   06:42:19 AM


Carrie Gilbert / Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA

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Thank you Isaac! Another much needed message! I value your wisdom so much.

Posted Sep 26, 2016   06:47:13 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US


Loved it once again . Ike made me see that I need to force my self to get back into bible study . I've using vacations as a slaking device . But when I'm home I should Do it everyday 

Posted Sep 26, 2016   06:55:39 AM


Jill Gray / Noble, ok, US

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Thanks Isaac I feel that a heathy pattern in life is great I have started since I turn 30 to challenge myself to make goals and hit them this year was a 5k I will have 2 done and I plan to run this next one in better time . My next goal is going to be evening bigger and as I set goals in my life I think about last year how 30 was a great around number how wow I did a lot of things in my 30 years of life now working on my next challenge. I just wanna say thanks these podcasts has really inspired me .

Posted Sep 26, 2016   07:13:46 AM


Suze Robertson / Dallas, TX, US

couple of comments :

-Geeking out a little that you read so good they can't ignore you :) solid advice ,Passion is the cart not the horse .The case studies were thought provoking .

-Roses are red violets are are blue I'm schizophrenic ...and so am I ! #WhatAboutBob

-I'm pretty sure I'd still hate math at the end of the day ;) 

- ah yes ....Recognizing the difference between fault and responsibility.... easier said than done ;) 

Posted Sep 26, 2016   07:38:52 AM


Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Thank you for another great podcast Isaac ;) This podcast was very well ment for me. I am in process of taking baby steps on a healthier life style and to do more karoke and  I gotta get on trying to play acoustic guitar, I did however figure out some horror music through acoustic guitar. I can make horror music as in like a shark is coming or whatever, so I guess I miss my calling in the horror movie section. lol. But yeah thank you again and have a excellent week Isaac.

Posted Sep 26, 2016   07:45:05 AM


Very wise words, Isaac.  You will undoubtedly get better at something if you do it over and over again.  Repetitiveness helps you to remember the mistakes you made previously so you won't repeat them.  Everyone has something that they've always wanted to learn how to do, or something that they wish they could be better at, or some project they've put on the back burner that needs finishing.  I can especially relate to the accountability factor.  It's pretty difficult to slack off if someone in your life asks you periodically how your 'xyz' project is going. 

Take baby steps,...but make progress.  Work hard and strive to do your best at what you're trying to achieve.  Develop good patterns and stick to them.  It certainly will pay off in the end...even if the reward is just your own personal sense of accomplishment.  (<---That's a pretty nice reward!)

Words to live by...

Posted Sep 26, 2016   09:08:52 AM

Doing something for a long time without seeing any future can be disconcerting and severely disappointing though    --   I don't know - like writing songs for 31 years...

Posted Sep 26, 2016   09:27:01 AM



Thank you, Isaac for these 11 powerful episodes. Your positive and encouraging messages are a gift. I find them to be a great source of strength and a guide to perseverance & resilience no matter what the obstacle in life.

When challenging myself personally, with the career, hobbies, achievements,  etc..more of the "success" oriented goals..I have found in my life, when succeeded or accomplished I do not feel the real satisfaction or deep growth  I was hungering for or was in search of, as when challenged  with something that is considered much more simple or basic, or taken for granted or not looked at as a priority or a real "success" in this world and which in all actuality, is much more difficult to achieve.

So, challenge accepted! I must practice, practice, practice it over, and over,and over again. I want to show more love unconditionally, more kindness, more patience, more tolerance,more  forgiveness and more understanding and to stay positive with out fail.. with no ands, ifs or buts! Most of all, in spite of, if it is not returned, deserved or reciprocated.

  I can do it, I can do it..I can, said the little engine who could..because I want to "take every breath like it matters..instead of waiting till my last one I take to fully appreciate how each one truly mattered.

Thank you , really make a difference.

Posted Sep 26, 2016   11:09:21 AM


Paola Carnelli / Miami Beach , Florida, US


This post cast has reminded me why I'm doing what I'm doing and made me also realized that even though it is a challenge and a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun, it's an amazing feeling of accomplishing something that I really want and work for it.

Anyway, thanks for these words that you share with us. They do get through us, well at least through me.

Posted Sep 26, 2016   11:30:59 AM


sandy monnerat / Châlons-en-Champagne, Champagne-Ardenne, FR

thanks you for this words Isaac

Posted Sep 26, 2016   11:48:56 AM


Stephanie Lippincott / Bellevue, NE, US

Thank you Isaac! Lots of encouragement that I have used for my personal life. Thank you!

Posted Sep 26, 2016   12:49:08 PM


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This was a great episode... it felt like it had an element of finality to it in the way he was speaking... I hope this series isn't drawing to a close yet!

Posted Sep 26, 2016   05:20:19 PM


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This was a great episode... it felt like it had an element of finality to it in the way he was speaking... I hope this series isn't drawing to a close yet!

Posted Sep 26, 2016   05:20:19 PM


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This was a great episode... it felt like it had an element of finality to it in the way he was speaking... I hope this series isn't drawing to a close yet!

Posted Sep 26, 2016   05:20:20 PM


3 3 3

This was a great episode... it felt like it had an element of finality to it in the way he was speaking... I hope this series isn't drawing to a close yet!

Posted Sep 26, 2016   05:20:32 PM


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jeez i didn't mean to spam the board my bad all...

Posted Sep 26, 2016   05:21:02 PM


Jackie Boos / Roanoke, Texas, US

Another great podcast! There are so many things I know I need to make time to get better at. Now, if someone could just give me about 24 more hours in my day, that would be great...

Posted Sep 26, 2016   05:55:33 PM


Claire van Oirschot / Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ


Well......that got me thinking about story writing. Haven't been too into it over the past few years. But, when I was younger I used to write a lot. Have a story I started typing out a few weeks ago for a Christmas present for my very particular older sister. Gotta get back into it.

Posted Sep 26, 2016   06:53:57 PM


Sarah Rogers / Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

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Thank you for this episode. There is something I need to do for my health and for my future but it is something I have struggled with for a long time. I know that the more I do it the easier it will become, but finding the motivation to do it can be so difficult.

Posted Sep 26, 2016   08:34:52 PM

Isaac, thank you for sharing this as a public post. It is the first Grace Unknown episode I have heard and I am very thankful for your message. I think this is a wonderful podcast and you truly inspired me to take the advice. Thank you again!

Posted Sep 26, 2016   10:56:21 PM

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