Despite The Unexpected

Dec 04, 2019 | HANSON

With the Wintry Mix Tour underway this week, we have been having quite a time. Vancouver and Seattle went without a hitch, especially considering the winter weather left us 1/3 short of a full crew, then we woke up Tuesday morning still 25  miles north of our Vegas concert to discover our bus had broken down. As one can imagine, this definitely added some unexpected color to the days activities, but thanks to our fantastic crew not only were we able to make the show, we ended up with a full sound check! Despite the unexpected, we are having a great time and we hope it shows on stage.

In other news, this week we shared that we are adding three Members Only Sound check Parties to the Wintry Mix Tour. That means if you’re a member attending any or all of our concerts in Omaha, Pittsburgh and Boston, you are invited to come early for even more music and a little Q&A with yours truly. Here's what you need to do.

  • Visit and login.
  • Go to the calendar page for details and to RSVP.
  • Bring a valid ID and a digital or printed copy of your Member ID.

NOTE: You can find a link to your Member ID in the My Account section
Denver tonight, Omaha tomorrow and onward right up until Christmas week. Thank you to everyone who has been coming out to  shows so far. We hope you're enjoying the new music. See you the next one.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


Forum Comments

I’m so excited for Omaha!! 

Posted Dec 5, 2019   09:35:57 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Can't wait to see you guys in Atlanta!! Its gonna be epic!!

Posted Dec 5, 2019   09:53:08 PM

See you in Pittsburgh! Excited to see Mac's band, too. Zac, extra cinnamon stick in my eggnog, please!

Posted Dec 6, 2019   05:44:50 AM


Kristi Kuhn / Sidman, PA, US

I am also looking forward to the Pittsburgh show and members only sound check! 

Posted Dec 6, 2019   09:54:10 AM

Fantastic photo!

Posted Dec 6, 2019   11:17:45 AM



"Wish I'd got to Omaha..."  I'm glad your mishaps on the road have been ironed out and the Rockin' 'n' Rollin' has commenced without further incident.  :)

I really do wish I'd got to Omaha...  <sigh>

Posted Dec 6, 2019   03:22:34 PM

Why can't we have one in Silver Spring?!?

Posted Dec 6, 2019   04:33:16 PM


1 2

Can't wait to see you in Cleveland!!

Posted Dec 7, 2019   05:53:46 AM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

9 9

I'm super excited for the Atlanta show!

Posted Dec 7, 2019   08:56:30 AM

Omaha was amazing!! The event was intimate and meeting them quickly after for a quick picture was awesome! It was cold but SO worth waiting to see them! I did not get to see Zac for a picture, but Isaac and my favorite Tayler toughed the cold with us so we could have a moment together! So cool! My childhood dream come true and I hope to see them again soon! 

Posted Dec 7, 2019   09:51:01 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I hear ya . rain and snow are forecasted again for my show . Ive been trying  for 3 years . ill be happy to sit in the rain . 

Posted Dec 7, 2019   02:00:09 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US


What time is the sound check for Pa?

Posted Dec 7, 2019   11:49:44 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US


Never mind I saw it!

Posted Dec 7, 2019   11:51:55 PM

So excited for the Boston sound check!!

Posted Dec 8, 2019   12:06:45 AM

I can't wait for Dallas! Sad there's no sound check but I'm excited to see you guys!

Posted Dec 8, 2019   08:40:14 PM

Silver spring sound check please!!! :)

Posted Dec 9, 2019   05:02:40 PM

Does my other ticket holder need to be a member to go to the sound check? 

Posted Dec 11, 2019   07:54:05 PM

i cant wait   i bring my id card  right in  boston yes

Posted Dec 13, 2019   10:24:06 AM

Hmm..maybe this bus was had broken down becouse of reason? .....Maybe this bus is magic?....In fact,  before the bus was repair, Tay was sing beautiful ,romantic song which touched  by my i wonder...when guys take this magic bus and will go to the Poland?...

Posted Dec 13, 2019   06:53:04 PM

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