HTP 49- I Am Not A Doctor

May 03, 2024 | HANSON

"I know some of you have been tempted to call me Dr. Hanson... I am not a doctor" Zachary say while discussing the hydrating qualities of iced tea and so much more on the very random episode of Hanson Time.

We hope that you enjoy.




Reporter: Natalia Read-Harber

Game Time Contestants: Ellen Demitraszek & Ludimila Santos

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Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Definitely enjoyed listening and looking forward for in person Hanson Time Podcast in Tulsa to. 

Posted May 3, 2024   10:29:12 PM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

Really great itw Natalia Read-Harber :) I had a nice time listening to all of you. Love the underneath connectivity suspicion :D I can't wait to know more

Posted May 4, 2024   05:24:55 AM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

2 4

What's 'Taylor's version'? Sung by Taylor only?

The idea of rerecording MON makes me sad, but TTA as well? 😐Why, just why?

Posted May 4, 2024   06:28:25 AM


Another great episode! May the 4th be with you!

Posted May 4, 2024   08:47:13 AM

Yes please to the early album remakes! I would love to see how these songs would evolve, now that you have grown as artists and matured (a bit 😉) as people!

Posted May 4, 2024   08:48:12 AM



Really enjoyed this episode. Great questions Natalia. Lots of hints 😀❤️🎼

Posted May 4, 2024   08:48:25 AM


Kayleigh Mallia / Sittingbourne, Kent, GB

Loved this episode because it gave us some things to get excited, maybe possibly. Always loved the idea of the re-records and I love that this is something that keeps being brought up and now it was brought up by them. Great reporting and questions x 

Posted May 4, 2024   10:40:26 AM

Me encanto escucharlos, realmente disfrutaría una nueva version de MON ♡♡♡

Posted May 4, 2024   10:52:32 AM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Perfect questions, Natalia! I'd be on board with an ATW + Crossroads live show, for sure!

But I gotta agree with Isaac, I'd pick The Walk too if I could choose only one album to hear live forever (but please no, wow). Long enough, a lot of variety and nice layered style all over the record.

An interesting hint as far as the tour there, too...hmm. I have a few thoughts 😄

Posted May 4, 2024   01:44:20 PM

What is the point to staying in the past?  Even the idea of them recording albums makes me irritated.  We’re already getting a re-recording of something.  They need to move forward not keep rehashing and doing celebrations of the past.  

Posted May 4, 2024   04:34:29 PM

Eyeswideopen-I have an unlikely one, and one possible one.  I want to hear others guesses!

Posted May 4, 2024   06:49:38 PM


Kasia Frasik / Kraków, malopolska, PL

What's 'Taylor's version'? Sung by Taylor only?


I think they are referring to what Taylor Swift did meaning re-recording her old material, so it is not about Taylor Hanson 

For me personally (a 97 fan) no need to re-record old material, I have been talking to some “recent” fans though and they feel no connection to those old songs sung by their young voices (or cant listen to them as they do not seem relevant) so it would make sense for them. I totally do not get though why to re-record TTA, if so maybe 3CG and MON - either way is this is done it’s not a plan for this year. 

I would love to hear the new material, for me concerts are a place for the old one in new, re-visited versions - not albums. 

Posted May 5, 2024   09:23:24 AM


Christina Griffin / London, London, GB

What a great interview! Getting so excited for hday!! X

Posted May 5, 2024   09:28:59 AM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

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@FRASIKSSON Oh, got ya. It makes sense in terms of rights for the songs and money. 

Will the 56th version of MMMBop and the 3d version of Yearbook be as appealing to the masses as the original ones? 😄 We'll see

Posted May 5, 2024   10:12:59 AM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

2 4

*appealing to mass audience, I meant.

I haven't switched my Russian brain off, and I'm not sure it was correct 😅

Posted May 5, 2024   10:15:54 AM


Tara Keating / Fort Worth, Texas, US


What is the point to staying in the past?  Even the idea of them recording albums makes me irritated

I am a fan who is excited to have old favorites sung in new octaves, but also I think they don’t have full ownership of those old albums and songs, so to re-record and have those be the ones streamed/aired/shared is what would give them back the power and finances of their earlier years. Multiple artists who had shady contracts have been doing this, Taylor Swift just brought light to it. 

Posted May 5, 2024   02:19:49 PM


Jennifer Bettenhausen / Tulsa, Oklahoma , US

Great interview Natalia! 

I'm convinced that Diet Coke is nearly as hydrating as water. 

Posted May 5, 2024   02:25:24 PM


Angela Facio / Covina, California, US

I am 10000% on board with a "Taylors Version" of MON and TTA, if you can include Boomerang & Mmmbop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted May 5, 2024   03:03:39 PM

Thanks love it 

Posted May 5, 2024   03:13:58 PM


Krystal Stein / Yarraville, VIC, AU

Perfect Sunday Session listening party! Thanks guys and Natalia you rocked it! 🤘🏽 One of the best reporter interviews! 🖤

Posted May 5, 2024   09:36:40 PM


Natalia Read-Harber / Brooklyn, NY, US

Thanks for all the sweet comments guys! What a fun way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. Can’t wait to see everyone at Hday and thanks for having me as reporter for this episode! ☺️

Posted May 5, 2024   10:20:41 PM


Leah Bleier / The Ponds, NSW, AU

7 6

Fab interview Natalia 💗 the lightning round was the best!! 

Super excited to hear Isaac saying he’d pick “the walk”. Still my favourite album 🥰

Posted May 5, 2024   10:38:23 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Tacos & unsweetened tea Zac he's so great with his words I'm not a scientist I'm not a doctor 😀.Wow can't believe a fish is really that fast insane. The coke question excellent had no clue about that fact. The question about the leaning tower of pizza as Taylor said loved that.🤣❤️. Congrats on winning that round Taylor good job. Love what u said Zac is to find the core from the past do things that challenge you loved it all you guys. Taylor words can't make everyone happy thats so very true no matter what someone will always complain. Loved how Taylor said chech and Chong cracked up so hard 😆. Buring some brain cells. Isaac loved what you said **** or get off the pot have always wanted to use that line. Glade to hear you talk about parrerial tour in 25. how exciting love that album.Butterman now thats halarious too funny to hear thst story Zac.Natalia great question loved the one at the end the guys really enjoyed talking with you.  Everyone is a meteorologist in Tulsa 😆 🤣.The ending. the torture is over go home priceless. Another funny as heck podcast love you guys to the moon and back.

Posted May 6, 2024   04:03:33 AM


Congrats on the win, Ellen!!! 

Posted May 6, 2024   10:02:22 AM


22 2

This was an all-time great Hanson interview.  Great questions!

Posted May 6, 2024   10:06:29 AM

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