Apr 11, 2024 | HANSON

There has been a notable shift this week as we finalize tour dates and artwork and get ready to shoot a new music video. It is looking like the Tour details will all drop in the weeks after HDay celebrations, but with any luck we will be able to share the what and when when we see you during the HANSON Day festivities.
This coming Monday April 15th Back To The Island 2025 will go On-sale, with the first pre-sales starting for previous attendees then, and the full On-sale available to all Hanson.net members 4/22. It is crazy to see that this is our 12th year, but when you like something you keep doing it. BTTI is unlike anything else we do, because everyone who attends spends the whole event together, eating, swimming, singing, dancing, playing games, you get the idea. It is also unique because it is 100% Hanson.net members. Thank you to all the members who have attended, and those who have come year after year! You make BTTI possible.
Don’t forget to checkout the latest episode of HTP that dropped last Friday in the media player, and of course join us for the Spring HNet Explorer Scavenger Hunt that is going on now through April 29th. 
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments

So no changes to the organization of the on sale for years 3-4?

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:10:14 PM

I thought everybody was talking about tour dates being announced mid-April, not after Hanson Day. 

Was this a misunderstanding and the dates were actually for BTTI tickets? 😄

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:12:13 PM

I'm also wondering if you'll add some dates in Europe after Norway? I thought you mentioned once about it...If yes, when will you announce the dates? Would be great&I'll be thankful to know it sooner than later ;-) thx!

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:19:29 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

2 4

Well, if the tour dates are going to be announced after Tulsa, then I'm booking the last remaining days of my annual leave and hope, that they won't come to the UK. 🤷😀

As Hanson said, "you can only wait so long.."

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:25:13 PM

Whoo hoo 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:29:53 PM

Yes super excited 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:31:02 PM


Jade Doyle / Paris, Ontario, CA

14 6

Come onnnnnn Canada. 🇨🇦 🤞🏻 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:38:32 PM

OMG music video! One of the member EP songs?

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:39:14 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

oooo music video? 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:45:03 PM

after  hanson day itok  cannot wait oh mgud music video  to yehhhh syracuseto yeh

Posted Apr 11, 2024   04:55:03 PM


Chelsea Bowman / Georgetown, KY, US

Music video?! 👀🎉

Looking forward to new music AND tour dates! 

Thanks for all you do for us!!! 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   05:25:24 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Ah, so no mid-April tour announcement after all. I guess that makes May even more exciting, oh well. Something must have come up last minute to change the timing. 

Excited, and just a bit nervous, for the BTTI presales. 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   05:25:29 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

finalize tour dates 😳😱and artwork and get ready to shoot a new music video. Wow a new music video neato. cool things to look forward too.cant wait love you guys bunches ❤️💚💙

Posted Apr 11, 2024   05:49:01 PM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

DANCE_TO_THE_MUSIC fingers crossed

Posted Apr 11, 2024   06:28:52 PM


Nichole Talarczyk / Plano, Texas, US

A new video ahhhhhhhhhh so excited! 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   07:31:22 PM

Great ! Can’t wait 🤩

Posted Apr 11, 2024   08:52:25 PM


22 2

Ah, so no mid-April tour announcement after all. I guess that makes May even more exciting, oh well. Something must have come up last minute to change the timing. 

Yeah, something must have changed since the newsletter a couple weeks ago.

Posted Apr 11, 2024   09:04:49 PM

Tour dates??? 

Posted Apr 11, 2024   09:43:27 PM

@rosyta. As I understand it, the opportunity to do a very limited set of shows in the US, came up. There's also seven weekends of Norway festival shows, but I don't personally think that means every country in Europe should gear up for two shows each over that period. I'm being sarcastic. No further show plans were announced so I don't think anything major will happen. The tour dates spoken about are US

Posted Apr 11, 2024   11:26:50 PM


wait.. no mid April..? 10 flower petals, 9 flower petals, 8 flower petals.. 😜 (Zac's flowers already included in the count)

a music video.. interesting.. 🤔 

I'm so ready for the Time Machine

Posted Apr 12, 2024   12:35:45 AM


Luyza Morais / São Paulo, SP, BR

Wow… can’t stop thinking about the new video!🤣🥰 yay 😁 

Posted Apr 12, 2024   07:48:30 AM


Jessie Roberts / Broken Arrow, OK, US

So many exciting things in the works!

Posted Apr 12, 2024   08:55:02 AM


@Dancetothemusic i ask me the same thing. So i hope they will announce on time

Posted Apr 12, 2024   01:06:10 PM

New music video finally something I’m actually excited about 

Posted Apr 12, 2024   03:01:31 PM

They are probably talking about a tour next year as most venues are probably all booked up this year 

Posted Apr 12, 2024   03:03:55 PM

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