HTP 48- Reflections on Time

Apr 05, 2024 | HANSON

The guys had a great time playing games, sharing what's on their minds and some much more... so you will just have to listen and enjoy the randomness, of color humor and fun that is Hanson Time.

Enjoy the clips and we will see you next month.




Reporter: Maura McClafferty

Game Time Contestants: Christian Arce Rodríguez & Heather Bynum

Forum Comments


Another awesome episode! Really great topics to discuss and think about! Should I ever be fortunate enough to be reporter or ever get to ask a question remotely or in person I’d probably pick your brains about time and animation cartoon theme songs and the like lol.

Posted Apr 5, 2024   08:52:00 PM

What a great interview Maura! 

Posted Apr 5, 2024   08:55:19 PM

amazing u guys congratsto and see u on te tour tulsa and ny yeh

Posted Apr 5, 2024   09:00:39 PM

Great job Maura! 

Posted Apr 5, 2024   09:08:37 PM


Andrea Hardy / Rindge, NH, US

Great job Maura! I loved all the questions and in depth answers ❤️

Posted Apr 5, 2024   10:56:58 PM


Great episode, great questions! Loved hearing Compromise again at the end ❤️

Posted Apr 6, 2024   04:19:16 AM



Great interview Maura. You got them time travelling to the future. The future music world and future projects. Loved it. Thank you all. 

Posted Apr 6, 2024   05:03:09 AM

I found this one profoundly interesting. It's crazy how much art and culture has changed over the lat 20 years or so. Great interview Maura! 💖💖💖

Posted Apr 6, 2024   07:43:29 AM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

2 4

What is wrong with cat videos, Taylor? I feel personally attacked! :D

Posted Apr 6, 2024   11:18:57 AM

Great podcast as usual 🙂 what always amuses me the most is knowing that me and my group of close friends are not the only mid life folks that can find something humorous out of nearly anything,very like minded people 😂

Regarding time, me and my husband took our son for the first time to the local museum a few weeks ago and I must say I was really impressed however it did make me feel old as there was a tape,a walkman and a disc man on display 😂😂 this got me wondering though of "what historical artifacts will this era have to offer for display?" I will be quite interested to see this in 20-30 years time,if only I could get my hands on a "time machine" 😉😉 ❤️

Posted Apr 6, 2024   05:02:35 PM

Omg this is great podcast 👏 🙌 

Posted Apr 6, 2024   08:01:03 PM



This was recorded on my Birthday!! Haha 😄 

Posted Apr 6, 2024   09:32:28 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Loved the episode, and the great discussion - good job Maura indeed! Very interesting questions, and answers too. 

And Maura, I've had similar notions about my 15-18-year-old students, too, regarding the use of information technology, how it's consumed and how its potential uses are viewed. It must be different when you grow up knowing nothing else and don't know how it all was before it. 

And did we just sort of get half the tour announcement already, confirming our guesses about the theme? 

Posted Apr 7, 2024   12:43:17 PM


Cheryl Jones / Annapolis, MD, US

Good episode! Great job interviewing Maura!

Posted Apr 7, 2024   03:54:45 PM


Holly Snider / Conway, South Carolina, US

Great job, Maura! You got some great deep answers. Thanks Hanson, too, for sharing with us.

And did we just sort of get half the tour announcement already, confirming our guesses about the theme? 

Minna I want to know what confirmation you got from it, because I mostly came away thinking they tried to hint, but it was too vague for me to read between the lines.

Posted Apr 7, 2024   06:47:00 PM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

Great interview Maura. And what an interesting podcast. The compromise live acoustic was perfect to end. Cant wait to here what comes next.

Posted Apr 8, 2024   04:30:03 AM


22 2

Minna I want to know what confirmation you got from it, because I mostly came away thinking they tried to hint, but it was too vague for me to read between the lines.

My takeaway was that this year's tour will be a 20th-year anniversary of Underneath tour, and that they will play songs from the album and also some covers of songs that inspired the Underneath songs.

Also, really reading between the lines, I think there will be a 30th-year of Middle of Nowhere re-record of the album in 2027 with guest appearances from other artists.

Posted Apr 9, 2024   09:14:24 AM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Holly, yes my takeaway was pretty much similar to ZEUS22's, as far as the tour theme. I think Zac said that the tour would revolve around the history and anniversary of Underneath, or something close to it. I was a little confused by what Taylor said concerning other artists right before it. Not sure if he meant this upcoming tour or more generally as an idea. I found that a little vague, and maybe he didn't want to give away too much. The fact that they mentioned the Roots 'n Rock 'n Roll tour in connection with all that gives me hope they might do something similar again, with two nights in one city. I'd love that, especially with how it opens up creative opportunities with the setlists. 

Posted Apr 9, 2024   01:58:27 PM


Valerie Wing / Red Bluff, CA, US


I was a little alarmed to hear about your Sasquatch prank - a convincing costume and situation might well have gotten the wearer shot!  Some people are crazy enough to try proving Sasquatch's existence by bringing one down.  While it sounded like maybe there were some complications with the prank, I was relieved that a shooting apparently wasn't a part of it.

Posted Apr 11, 2024   01:30:45 AM

I'm late to just listening to this 48th Podcast. Of course they should do the special projects they want to do. But I think most of us want to still get new music/albums every couple years. Like others have mentioned I also think they plan to record music of other artists. Revisiting Underneath since it's the 20th Anniversary, and possibly do the tour with a different style of those songs mixing in other Hanson songs. 

Posted Apr 21, 2024   12:59:11 AM

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