HANSON: In the studio

Feb 16, 2024 | HANSON

It's been a great week in the studio working on music for the 2024 Members EP. It has been twenty plus years of creating music just for Hanson.net, but even with all the past experiences, every new project has its own set of challenges. We are excited to have our first streaming concert of the year just a month away. With any luck not only will it be a great event for members, but also we hope to have more to share about our plans for the year by then. More soon.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments

cant  wait oh ye tay   perfection.

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:18:03 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

Sounds like we need a State of the Band in Tulsa!

"We're in the studio" are amazing words

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:18:49 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

Sounds like we need a State of the Band in Tulsa!

"We're in the studio" are amazing words

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:18:49 PM

and  ike  said nashville to   n tour tomaybe yeh  on  his podcast imeanher

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:19:45 PM


Sharon Corbett / Tallahassee, Florida, US

Just need a couple more guitars.

And then there's about a dozen guitars hanging on that wall. 😜 I see what you guys did there! 🤣

We'd all love to see some video previews of this EP! Tease us and tease us again! 😁

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:20:19 PM

Can't wait 😍✨🎶😇

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:29:19 PM


Kim Gilliland / Edmonton, Alberta, CA

12 3 5

Always excited for new music and news! Cheers!

Posted Feb 16, 2024   03:58:42 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Looking forward to the streaming concert so excited about it.cant wait for you guys to share more music news and videos. Everything you do is always exciting. Love you all ❤️💚💙

Posted Feb 16, 2024   05:18:21 PM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

You were rather silent this week on the networks I knew it was promising. I can't wait to listen to this new wonder 🔥 

Posted Feb 16, 2024   07:02:37 PM


Can't wait :)

Posted Feb 16, 2024   08:19:47 PM

Can't wait <3 

Posted Feb 16, 2024   09:47:26 PM

Always looking forward to the new Members EP for 2024. I'm guessing we shouldn't expect it to be on a physical CD again this year. 

Posted Feb 16, 2024   10:14:42 PM

No tour this year as far as I know 

Posted Feb 16, 2024   10:26:26 PM


Thaís Merino / Curitiba, Parana, BR

14 5 10 10

Come on, 2024 Members EP! You're so much needed!! :) 

Posted Feb 17, 2024   04:50:09 AM


Roxana Pereyra / San Agustín, Córdoba, Argentina, AR

"2024 Members Ep" 💖💕

Posted Feb 17, 2024   06:55:13 AM

[One of] the most wonderful times of the year! 🎶🖤

Posted Feb 17, 2024   07:03:19 AM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor, Pennsylvania, US

I can’t wait for the EP

Posted Feb 17, 2024   12:14:46 PM


Patricia Donaldson / Dallas, TX, US


So do members receive a hard copy EP or is it streaming?

Posted Feb 17, 2024   12:52:44 PM


Brittany McGinnes / Springfield, MO, US

I love seeing Zac on the guitar. 💙 

I can’t wait to hear what magic all of you create this year. 💙❤️💚

Posted Feb 17, 2024   04:25:28 PM

Apparently Hanson thinks we don’t collect CDs anymore so it’s all digital because of some servey they did

Posted Feb 17, 2024   09:04:25 PM


Brittany Cigalotti / Arab, AL, US

Yay! Can’t wait! ❤️💚💙

Posted Feb 17, 2024   11:01:05 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

Looking forward to hearing the new EP. I do wish we had an option to get a physical copy for us music collectors out here 

Posted Feb 18, 2024   09:49:21 AM


Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati, Ohio, US


Can't wait for May! 

Posted Feb 18, 2024   10:24:36 AM


Can't wait :)

Posted Feb 18, 2024   11:43:07 AM


Kay Leanne / Bradford, West Yorkshire, GB

That pic of Tay screams Perennial 2.0 🤩

Posted Feb 19, 2024   04:21:49 AM

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