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Feb 01, 2024 | HANSON

Today we announced the full schedule of events for HANSON Day 2024. You can find all the details on Hanson.net right now. The festivities kick off Wednesday May 15th with the world premiere of the 2024 Members EP, and continue through Sunday May 19th, so no matter what you have going on that week, there are many ways to celebrate with us! This year HANSON Day marks the 32nd anniversary of HANSON…that sounds unbelievable, but we could never have made it this far without all of your constant support. There is no better way to tell us you are in through the thick and thin than being a member, and that is why we try and do so much for our members. If you are planning to make the trip to Tulsa, ticketed events go on sale February 8th. We're looking forward to seeing you. Even if you are not able to travel to Tulsa, there are a ton of online activity and streams you can join in on.
This week we also announced the first Members Streaming Concert of the year will be March 28th. We wanted to bring the Hanson.net community together in every season, which is why this will be the first of four free streaming concert this year. No ticket necessary, all you have to do is be a Hanson.net member. Mark your calendar for March 28th 5PM CT, it should be an absolute blast!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI

6 4

Thanks for a birthday stream, guys! 🥳😍

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:06:33 PM


Robby Jackson / Tulsa, OK, US

Is the end of March Winter? LOL

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:08:16 PM

Yay!! A lot of things to look forward to this year and this is just the beginning! 😊 Thank you for making a lot of stuff available online! 

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:09:54 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI

6 4

I was surprised by the timing, too, considering it's called a winter stream (or maybe they scrapped that thought along the way).

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:11:39 PM

i  hope usa inpersonshowstusa ineed  uhanson  love u

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:12:44 PM

Wishing the stream had room for an in person audience :(  It would’ve been an awesome birthday gift!

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:14:16 PM


Kay Leanne / Bradford, West Yorkshire, GB

Yeay my birthday month is gonna be epic with this too and I was born in winter technically winter ends the day after my birthday but I guess with the meet and greet the week before it’s all good ☺️☺️

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:15:39 PM


Lisa Conner / BROKEN ARROW, OK, US


Will there be a live in person audience for the march 28th show?

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:16:51 PM

iknow   ihope theyll    be  some  usa  shows   toyeh inpersonto   tomor newsyehhh    cant  wait.   will it be inpersn   on march

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:19:17 PM

How many days will the stream be avalable? It's easter and I'm away for several days...

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:45:02 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

I don’t think I be attending Hanson day time difference 

Posted Feb 1, 2024   03:52:51 PM

It'll start 8am on Friday the 29th here Bron1980... might have to 'call in sick' that day🤣

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:00:38 PM


Fanny Poppy / buchelay, ile de france, FR

Okay, Note in my calendar for the march 28th : meeting with Hanson! Do not disturb ⚠️ 

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:05:11 PM

Yayyy this is exciting!! Makes up for not being able to go to Tulsa!!

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:07:30 PM


Erin Higgins / Howard City, MI, US


Should be fun!

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:16:44 PM


Alexandra Boocock / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, GB

If you aren’t able to watch the streaming live (time difference to UK), can I view at a later date?

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:17:34 PM


Erica Vezzoni / Brodowski, São Paulo, BR


Wow so great! Thank u guys for such wonderful news. It totally made my day!

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:46:49 PM

Can’t wait. I hope you guys tour this year too. Would love to see you in Sydney again. And maybe Newcastle too?? 

Posted Feb 1, 2024   04:47:53 PM


Amazing! I´m so excitad 🥳😍 😍. Thank you guys...

Posted Feb 1, 2024   05:28:20 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Wow  with the world premiere of the 2024 Members EP, this will be amazing omg can't wait. So many things to look forward to in 24 wow Hanson you guys really announced a lot today well done. Looking forward to the stream at 5 tulsa tome roght ? ❤️💚💙

Posted Feb 1, 2024   05:36:49 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

😃 Looking forward to this stream in March! 🎶🎸🎹🥁

Posted Feb 1, 2024   08:06:23 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Why are they still choosing cains for streaming when there has been issues I just don’t want to pay for a concert then I can’t watch it which has happened in the past 

this might upset a few people as I was wondering why in persons get to play both the explorer and scavenger I just think it’s a little unfair I thought they might of both explorer only for those doing online and in person just do scavenger 

Posted Feb 1, 2024   08:09:15 PM


Luyza Morais / São Paulo, SP, BR


Posted Feb 1, 2024   08:44:05 PM


6 5

Thank you for all that you do ❤️🎼

Posted Feb 2, 2024   04:35:09 AM


Anna Jackson / Spencer, WI, US


Awesome news! Thanks guys! I can’t wait!

Posted Feb 2, 2024   08:03:52 AM

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