HANSON: Announcements February 1st

Jan 19, 2024 | HANSON

2024 is picking up steam and we are going to be rolling out more details about our plans for the year on February 1st. Interested in attending our Annual HANSON Day celebration each May? Event schedule and details will be announced February 1st. Are you a fan, but can’t always travel to events like BTTI and HANSON Day? That is why this year we added four streaming concerts to the 2024 Hanson.net membership. Throughout the year we will be broadcasting live music right to you, and the dates for the first stream will be dropping February 1st.
The winter weather in Oklahoma has been exceptionally frigid, but outside of a few frozen pipes and having to spend time with our kids (school's closed), life is good. This is a time of year when we retool, and refocus on being creative. New songs, designs, big ideas, you name it. Let’s just say the biggest storms, in the world of HANSON brainstorms usually happen in January. We hope everyone is enjoying our Winter game of HNet Explorer! It is always a good time thinking up the puzzles and designing the PINs you get as a reward. Our 2024 Members EP will soon be in the works, so get hyped for more new music in 2024, and we will see you again Tuesday for week three!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Greg Morris / Colorado Springs, CO, US

1 1

The valentines merch with the checkerboard is so cute 😍

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:36:42 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

4 2

I don't want to want yet another Hanson t-shirt, but I do!

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:39:27 PM

Announcement for announcements 

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:43:51 PM


^ One day I want to see them release something at the drop of a hat, no hints no nothing; the fandom would fall apart 🤣

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:45:33 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Incredible merchandise really love all the new checkers shirts reminds me of Nascar races back home. The pop socket is soo cool looking forward to all things of music and new pins.. Are you a fan, but can’t always travel to events like BTTI and HANSON Day? This is soo sweet of you guys sharing u live footage of Btti & Hanson Day it's such a great idea and so generous of you 3 love you guys so very much hope your staying warm and plying lots of video games. 

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:46:55 PM


Julie Marion / Huntsville, AR, US



Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:46:58 PM

@Segabuy Yes! I’ve said this too! The whole fandom would freak out. It would be hilarious, haha. 😂

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:52:58 PM

cooli hope  some  show  toktaymy heroguy   to  okhi iwant   to  se my  dad ok; hes in icu ok

Posted Jan 19, 2024   03:55:42 PM


Erin Higgins / Howard City, MI, US


This weeks m&g winners are:

  • drumgirl1224
  • Marshizzzle

for those who don't/can't get the newsletter.

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:01:17 PM


So excited for the announcements & to see what’s to come this year! ☺️

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:06:21 PM


Juliana Carvalho / Canada, Vancouver, CA

3 1 1

These new shirts were made by someone that may be a big fan of the Van's brand. 😁😅

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:14:44 PM


Laura Filipovski / Melbourne, VIC, AU

Yay! Excited to see what’s to come 🙌

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:15:05 PM

So excited for announcements! 😃 

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:22:07 PM


Luyza Morais / São Paulo, SP, BR

Can’t wait!!!!!!

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:31:12 PM


Erica Vezzoni / Brodowski, São Paulo, BR


Ohhh my God... so excited for the news! It makes me already anxious... I try to just breath lol

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:31:20 PM


Very awesome can’t wait! 

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:45:38 PM


Grace Grutter / Rockford, MI, US


we ready 👏🏻

Posted Jan 19, 2024   04:47:37 PM


Lauren Szego / Queens, NY, US

Who designs the merch? Have they ever had a contest for fans to design anything?

Posted Jan 19, 2024   06:01:29 PM


Lana Couto / Brasília, DF, BR

🤩 let’s go 

Posted Jan 19, 2024   06:01:31 PM

Who has won the M&Gs the last few weeks?

Posted Jan 19, 2024   07:48:45 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

Ready for announcements! 😃❤

Posted Jan 19, 2024   07:57:21 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

can you give us at least 3 days between anouncement and onsale to sync schedules? tyia

Posted Jan 19, 2024   07:59:27 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US

I’d also love to see at least a few days between announcement & on sale of HDay tickets, please & thank you. 😁 Can’t wait to see the events! ☺️

Posted Jan 19, 2024   08:54:32 PM


Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Can't wait and make sure you post sale dates so that I know when I will go back to work. 

Posted Jan 19, 2024   08:54:53 PM

Does this mean you listened to the rose I told you about at Btti?!?! 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️


Posted Jan 19, 2024   09:20:20 PM

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