HansonPiece Theatre- Twas The Night Before Christmas

Dec 24, 2014 | IsaacHanson

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share this Christmas Classic with you all.

Merry Christmas,  -ISAAC

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Thanks for posting! Love this!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:04:58 PM


Cecilia Carvalho / Fortaleza, Ceara, BR

So nice, thanks!! Merry Christmas! 

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:06:55 PM


I love this kind of videos, hope to see more... Merry Christmas!!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:12:16 PM

Thank you for helping with nap time!  My 2 year old son fell asleep in my arms while we were watching :)

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:17:43 PM

Thanks, Isaac! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:22:30 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

That was a lovely story Isaac - merry christmas to you and everyone in your whole famliy

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:42:42 PM


Paola Rizzato / Glasgow, Scotland, GB


That was lovely @_@
Isaac could read out the phone directory and it would still sound lovely :D

Posted Dec 24, 2014   01:52:22 PM

9 2

Oh man! I love that! Isaac looks just amazing doing that!!! Marry Christmas, guys!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:01:13 PM


Paola Rizzato / Glasgow, Scotland, GB


PS - can we start putting in requests for stuff we want Isaac to read out? I'd pay good money for a reading of Isaac reading Walt Whitman. Come on, you know it makes sense, it's much better than merch ;)

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:01:31 PM


Cecilia Carvalho / Fortaleza, Ceara, BR

I agree with you, Paola ;)

Lovely reading skills.

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:14:09 PM

oooooh AMAZING. I love this videos *.* Merry Christmas Eve to all of you <3

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:14:53 PM

The best!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:26:59 PM

Classic! Thanks Isaac and Merry Christmas from (the rather humid and hot) Sydney, Australia.

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:36:39 PM

this was great!  I think they know a lot of their fans have little children and this is a great video for them to watch together

Posted Dec 24, 2014   02:40:32 PM


Suze Robertson / Dallas, TX, US

Yup that never gets old ! Thank you for posting and happy holiday's!! :) 

Posted Dec 24, 2014   03:32:33 PM


Tara Brock / Clinton, MS, US

10 1

Isaac has such a good reading voice. 

Posted Dec 24, 2014   03:48:16 PM


Ditte Juul Jensen / Herning, Jylland, DK

13 4 3

 Love it! Merry Christmas <3

Posted Dec 24, 2014   03:59:32 PM


Amanda Robison / Advance , Missouri, US

Thanks for posting that Isaac! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and the rest of the Hanson family!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   04:00:28 PM


Abby Young / Charleston, South Carolina, US

1 1

Thank you SO much for this!  Who knew a little request all the way from last year would turn into kind of a tradition?  This definitely made my day, you're awesome!  :D

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   04:17:44 PM

Mmmerry Christmas! Finally it's xmas!! 

Posted Dec 24, 2014   04:33:10 PM


Shari Pfeffer / Coconut Creek, FL, US

Thanks for posting!!!! Now if only I had my book to read along :( 

Posted Dec 24, 2014   05:18:29 PM

merry christmas to all of you nice book historiy for christmas thanks for sharing.

Posted Dec 24, 2014   05:19:16 PM


Danielle Fredette / Liverpool, NY, US


I could listen to this man talk for hours...best reading voice ever! (When Isaac read the declaration of independence a few years ago i think listened 3 times in a row...) thank you Ike!

Posted Dec 24, 2014   05:58:19 PM


Kelly Kenney / Newport News, Va, US

I loved this.  Thanks for sharing and hope you have a Merry Christmas.  

Posted Dec 24, 2014   10:30:42 PM


Elly Bucher / Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

It is Christmas Day evening here, and this is the best way to top off an amazing day. Thank you Isaac x

Posted Dec 25, 2014   02:57:30 AM

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