Wintry Mix Tour

Sep 13, 2019 | HANSON

September 13th 2019 - Celebrated pop rock trio HANSON are bringing their Wintry Mix Tour to select cities across North America, this November and December. The concerts will feature an eclectic mix of Christmas and holiday classics, fan favorites and the live preview of brand new music from the band’s forthcoming 7th studio album, set for release in 2020. Tickets for the tour go on sale beginning Sept 20th, with the band’s members presale beginning Sept 14th.
“This is an exciting time for the band, with new music around the corner and more than 25-years of music behind us,” said Taylor Hanson. Added Zac Hanson “This tour is a collision of worlds with Christmas classics and a taste of brand new music, making for an uncommon but awesome mix”.
The tour will feature musical guests southern pop craftsman Paul McDonald, and undertaking their first major tour, emerging new artist Joshua and the Holy Rollers, lead by youngest Hanson brother Mac Hanson.
Tour Dates
Sat 30 Nov 19             Vancouver BC CANADA        Vogue Theatre
Sun 1 Dec 19              Seattle WA                              The Neptune Theatre
Tue 3 Dec 19              Las Vegas NV                         House of Blues
Thu 5 Dec 19              Denver CO                              The Ogden Theatre
Fri 6 Dec 19                Omaha NE                              Sokol Auditorium
Sun 8 Dec 19              Austin TX                                Emo's
Mon 9 Dec 19             Dallas TX                                House of Blues
Tue 10 Dec 19            New Orleans LA                     The Fillmore
Wed 11 Dec 19           Atlanta GA                              Buckhead Theatre
Sat 14 Dec 19             Pittsburgh PA                          Roxian Theatre
Sun 15 Dec 19            Silver Spring MD                     The Fillmore
Tue 17 Dec 19            Detroit MI                                Royal Oak Music Theatre
Wed 18 Dec 19           Cleveland OH                         House of Blues
Fri 20 Dec 19              Boston MA                              House of Blues
Sat 21 Dec 19             Huntington NY                        The Paramount


Forum Comments


Tara Brock / Clinton, MS, US

Oh, look. New Orleans is just like me, dateless. 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   03:08:23 PM

Hooray!!! Can’t wait to hear FIC live again! 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:20:21 AM


Candice Lynch / auburn, ga, US

I am freaking out at work!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my whole day has been made. To get to see not only HANSON but JOSHUA AND THE HOLY ROLLERS! That my friends is what dreams are made of!!! 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:25:34 AM

Sad there is no Chicago date!

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:26:30 AM


"Sad there is no Chicago date!"


Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:27:40 AM

I am excited about the possibility of going to a show, but I hate that we only get 1 day notice before tickets go on sale.  

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:37:34 AM

This is killing me. The closest shows are 5-6 hours away on week nights! I would have killed for a Detroit show (my original hometown) but can't make a Tuesday work!

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:38:51 AM

Tara - there is a NOLA date!

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:48:42 AM

Aaahhhh! So awesome! Can't wait! See you guys in the D!

Posted Sep 13, 2019   10:50:49 AM


1 1 1

So excited about having the opportunity to see Mac play! And all three of you in one show? Ya'll aren't playing around. This will be spectacular.

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:03:01 AM

I'm so excited for this!!!! 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:12:47 AM

I'm a bit new do we get the Fan Club pre-sale code?

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:14:06 AM

They'll be posted on the Calendar page approximately ~15 mins before the presale is supposed to start. 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:14:52 AM

3 1 1 1 1

Can’t wait to see them is New Orleans!

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:23:46 AM

I knew moving from Pittsburgh to Northern Cali was a horrible idea

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:32:42 AM

I’m so excited for Detroit! I haven’t been able to go to any shows recently because they’ve been at venues that aren’t wheelchair accessible but this one is and I’m so excited! I haven’t seen the guys in years due to that and also being sick with several chronic illnesses but I am making it my mission to go to this show!

Posted Sep 13, 2019   11:42:11 AM


Vanessa Evans / Cincinnati, Ohio, US


Posted Sep 13, 2019   12:09:48 PM


Caitlin Cahill / Pittsburgh, PA, US

2 5 5


Posted Sep 13, 2019   12:27:42 PM


Megan Barnett / Grand Island, NE, US

2 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1


Posted Sep 13, 2019   12:47:00 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US

So excited for 12/15!!!

And @KatLehKee: at 10 AM tomorrow (or within a few minutes of it) the tour page will have the presale code for the venue on the little button--you can copy & paste it into the venue's site and it'll let you buy your tickets from there.  Good luck to everyone during presale time! ;)

Posted Sep 13, 2019   12:59:16 PM


Jennifer McWilliams / Toronto, Ontario, CA

2 1 2

Just booked a hotel for Cleveland ;) 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   01:13:47 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Me sad 

Posted Sep 13, 2019   01:22:07 PM

Sad no VA date

Posted Sep 13, 2019   01:47:21 PM


Brittany Green / Fredercksburg, Virginia, US

1 5

Yes, but Maryland is pretty close @illbeyourmemory. I live in Virginia and will be attending the Maryland show. Thank you, HANSON :)

Posted Sep 13, 2019   02:04:43 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US

Oh my gosh you guys---what if they sing White Christmas and have Mac join them and do his part that he says at the end with "hey guys, what is this?" before scratching the record???? LOL there's a part of me that really wants to see that happen.  :)

(I'll see myself out, just over here cracking myself up)

Posted Sep 13, 2019   02:13:14 PM

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