HANSON: Uncorked and Unplugged

Nov 07, 2018 | HANSON

We will be playing Uncorked and Unplugged - Holiday Edition on Dec 9, 2018 at the @williamsburgwinery in Williamsburg, VA. Ages 21+

Fan Club tickets on sale now with public tickets on sale Friday at 10am. Space is limited! For ticket info, CLICK HERE.

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Ahhh!! OMG! More holiday shows please!

Posted Nov 8, 2018   06:13:31 AM

so this is already sold out?? just tried to get tickets

Posted Nov 8, 2018   07:53:17 AM

Yes it is and I'll be so mad if I can't get tickets tomorrow for the public as I only live about 30 mins away

Posted Nov 8, 2018   08:06:44 AM


Erin Pocock / Conyers, GA, US

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aw, this is exactly what i've been wanting, but still 8 hours away, and i'm going to be restricted from travel due to pregnancy. maybe next year. 

Posted Nov 8, 2018   08:23:38 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Me too hoping to get tickets tommorrow 

Posted Nov 8, 2018   09:31:58 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

What time is the public sale s.tarting ?

Posted Nov 8, 2018   09:37:05 AM

@taysbear 10am through 94.9 The Point, radio station

Posted Nov 8, 2018   10:26:14 AM


samantha balsley / Midlothian, Va, US

yea it says deal sold out for me too.....literally right down the street from me- throw a cape on me, cuz i'll be Super Sad. 

Posted Nov 8, 2018   11:58:27 AM


Patricia Chapman / Downers Grove, IL, US

Was there a code posted earlier?  I was busy working.  

Posted Nov 8, 2018   01:04:24 PM

Want to throw some Cleveland-area wineries in there? 

Posted Nov 8, 2018   01:17:41 PM

This is insanely frustrating!

Posted Nov 8, 2018   01:40:42 PM

This is insanely frustrating!

Posted Nov 8, 2018   01:40:46 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US




@taysbear 10am through 94.9 The Point, radio station  thanks I looked on the website and there's  no phone number . there's a buy link on hanson .net but I think calling the station might be best . I really want to tell my parents . do you know the  radio stations phone  number ?

Posted Nov 8, 2018   02:00:32 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

@ ill be your memory . im 3 hours away in MD . I wanted to do New york so bad last year  but coolant 


Posted Nov 8, 2018   02:01:41 PM

They must have released more tickets through the fan club because I just bought mine

Posted Nov 8, 2018   04:23:13 PM


Claire Powers / Alexandria, VA, US

Just got mine too!

Posted Nov 8, 2018   05:19:44 PM


Jessica Leo / Souderton, PA, US

I got tickets last night too!! Can’t wait !! 

Posted Nov 9, 2018   06:17:09 AM

Anyone see a VIP/Meet&Greet ticket option during presale??

Posted Nov 9, 2018   07:07:27 AM

Nope but I would have paid the money to meet them if the ticket included something else other than wine haha..

Posted Nov 9, 2018   08:44:18 AM


Aarika Alwan / colorado springs, co, US

3 1 1

this was so stressful. thankfully i was able to get the VIP meet and greet but the myperks website was up and down and i could only buy one at a time....so i was very nervous my husband and i wouldnt be able to have tickets together! they sold out within 20 mins.....now we just need our plane tickets and we are golden! 

Posted Nov 9, 2018   09:22:12 AM


Katie Wanta / Orange, CT, US

I had several orders "spinning" but one managed to go through. I am hoping that I won't be finding multiple charges on my credit card later but so far only the one I got the email confirmation for is pending!

Posted Nov 9, 2018   09:44:35 AM


Kirsten Knokey / Valley Lee, Maryland, US


I tried to get a ticket at 10am and by the time I got in it was sold out :( I was trying to get the meet & greet. 

Posted Nov 9, 2018   10:54:41 AM

Just FYI: There is a date discrepancy. Winery says the show is on the 8th. 

Posted Nov 9, 2018   11:00:41 AM


Iesha Taitague / Glendale, Arizona, US

well damn. the one time i wished i lived back home. 

Posted Nov 9, 2018   01:40:29 PM


Katie Wanta / Orange, CT, US

The winery website has been updated to the 9th. The tickets and radio stations say the 9th as well.

Posted Nov 9, 2018   01:50:47 PM

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