HANSON Day Refunds - What You Need To Know

Jan 25, 2021 | HANSON

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We are starting from scratch with HANSON Day 2021  - which means all previously held HANSON Day tickets from 2020 and/or 2021 are being refunded. 

If you have been holding any 2020 and/or 2021 HANSON Day ticket you do not need to do anything, your tickets will be refunded in the next two weeks.

If you have any more questions please reference the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting Hanson.net Customer service.

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Aarika Alwan / colorado springs, co, US

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😭😭😭 that means we have to go through the hunger games again next year

Wish I could keep my tickets....

Posted Jan 25, 2021   03:24:38 PM


Shona Koehn / Elkhart, IN, US

Me, too, @Aarika. I'm guessing they'll probably want to hold different events when they can resume in person after TWO years, though.

Posted Jan 25, 2021   03:27:25 PM

Is there any possibility of just keeping the tickets for possible future event? Of course I belong to the "Customer Service team will assist you" category, not really eager to start the conversation... :(

Posted Jan 25, 2021   03:37:15 PM

21 1 5 1 3

I guess at this point they have to start over with all the plans. Kind if sucks losing what we purchased but at least we're getting our money back.

Posted Jan 25, 2021   03:41:37 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

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I hate in person can't happen but glad to know now and hope for something good to come from this where we can enjoy livestreams and whatever else you guys come up with. Shows like the one from October to January would be nice. I miss Tulsa and my friends I made there❤

Posted Jan 25, 2021   03:41:41 PM


Megan Kyle / CONCORD, NC, US

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@Jaxmom20 my thoughts exactly 😔

I finally snag a karaoke ticket and I have to give it back..im so sad and bitter about it...stupid covid

Excited to see what you do have in store for us though for HDay. 

Posted Jan 25, 2021   03:58:31 PM

2020 was supposed to be my first ever Hanson Day...a refund is great cause I could use that money, it just also breaks my heart into a million little pieces. I can’t wait for the next official, in person one to be scheduled and to go through the headache of buying those tickets again. The games were in my favor, hope they will be again. ❤️

Posted Jan 25, 2021   04:15:28 PM

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the tickets are so hard to get that I would rather keep them for another year 💔

Posted Jan 25, 2021   04:16:08 PM


Missy Buckman / Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Yeah I'm battling hunger games while purchasing tickets but it's not in our control or Hansons either. So yeah will wait for my refund then.

Posted Jan 25, 2021   04:23:33 PM

its ok i want hansonday too yeh

Posted Jan 25, 2021   05:10:58 PM

I’m so bummed. I was so excited about it being TTA. I’m so ready for a live show again.

Posted Jan 25, 2021   05:41:44 PM


Andrea Hardy / Rindge, NH, US

I’m pretty bummed I can’t roll over my tickets and if I could, I would.. but I understand. After 2 years of delays maybe they’ll come up with new events. 

Posted Jan 25, 2021   06:54:10 PM

3 2 2 1 1

I’ve never been to Hanson Day. I wasn’t aware that these things sell out. How many Hnet members are there???

Posted Jan 26, 2021   12:45:54 AM


Gianni Reiza Maulania / Kab. Indramayu, Jawa Barat, ID

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Hoping for more online events and streaming concerts since I can't go anyway 😁

Posted Jan 26, 2021   01:28:40 AM


It's sad but streaming concerts are better than no concerts.

Posted Jan 26, 2021   01:52:42 AM

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I would very happily role over my tickets again as 2020 was meant to be my first Hanson Day. It was so hard to play the Hanson Hunger Games and get all the tickets, in the first place. I do recognise though that it might be time to start afresh and completely review Hanson Day especially using new technologies to allow as many people as possible,  to join in.

Excited to see what happens next ❤️🎼😀

Posted Jan 26, 2021   02:38:18 AM


Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati , Ohio, US


If there’s even a possibility of in-person, social distanced events, why not give current HDay ticket holders the opportunity to attend those events first before having another “Hanson hunger games” ticket purchasing frenzy?

Posted Jan 26, 2021   11:28:56 AM

Thanks for all the hard work this must take. 

Posted Jan 26, 2021   11:56:01 AM

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YellowDocs," I’ve never been to Hanson Day. I wasn’t aware that these things sell out. How many Hnet members are there???"

Many events sell out very fast when there is a limit for how many can attend. But often the site crashes because so many people are on trying to buy the tickets at the same time. I think I spent over 3 hours online while I was suppose to be working and still didn't get some of the tickets I wanted. Estimated people there anywhere for 800 to over 1000.

Posted Jan 26, 2021   10:38:34 PM


Gianni Reiza Maulania / Kab. Indramayu, Jawa Barat, ID

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@mamajive woowww. That's just the ones that attended the Hanson Day or all of hanson.net members?

Posted Jan 27, 2021   07:51:45 AM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

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2022 is going to be the best year ever for Hanson Day...I'm gonna have to go! I gotta! 

Posted Jan 29, 2021   09:24:47 AM

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@mamajive woowww. That's just the ones that attended the Hanson Day or all of hanson.net members?

It's an estimated amount of people that go to Hanson Day weekend over the years.  Only the people that run this site know how many members there are here but it's a lot more then many people think there is. 

Posted Feb 3, 2021   02:04:54 AM

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