HANSON Day 2020 Rescheduled

Mar 16, 2020 | HANSON

After careful consideration, we are announcing today HANSON Day 2020 physical events are rescheduled to 2021.  With many states and cities exercising extreme precautions limiting event sizes and the CDC recommending events be no larger than 50 people, we are taking this opportunity to reimagine our HANSON Day celebration. We will be sharing much more about our plans in just a few weeks, so go grab your In Real Life EP, turn up Better Days, and we will share our plans in more detail on April 6th.
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Amber Swinehamer / Bluffton, SC, US

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Heartbroken, but I understand 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:11:20 PM

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Are you guys really keeping tickets active for a whole year? Not refunding?

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:12:18 PM


"Are you guys really keeping tickets active for a whole year? Not refunding?"

You have a choice. If you are sure you are going to attend next year, you can keep your tickets and not worry about purchasing next year. If you aren't sure or you'd just like to get a refund, then follow the directions about refunds found on the HDay page.

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:14:30 PM

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Just kidding... I swear I can read.

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:16:23 PM

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Thanks leigh. Appreciate the info

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:16:54 PM

In tears, it was my first time ever ☹️

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:27:54 PM


michelle tribble / Excelsior Springs, MO, US

:(   this is hard news to take in today! 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:43:30 PM


Rachel Wagner / Charlotte, NC, US


And this is why you don’t pick a non refundable/changeable flight. Fingers crossed the travel waivers for changes are extended thru May.

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:45:29 PM


Lisa Turner / Dublin, California, US

I really wish this could have just been pushed to June, but understand that with all the uncertainty it would be difficult to sort out. But if you guys want to have a concert in Tulsa this summer, I think a lot of us would make a point of being there :)

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:45:56 PM


Emma Willis / Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ


Oh break my heart!  

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:48:41 PM

Sad, but not surprising. Wise decision. Better we stay save to enjoy next year :-) 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   04:54:36 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Thanks for letting us know. I cant wait till next year though. Will still be my first and will be just has great. 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:11:29 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

So if we plan to go next year, which I definitely am, they will hold our tickets and we wont have to go through the stress of buying again? Is that correct? 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:16:15 PM

For those of us who weren't going this year but plan on going next year, will more tickets be released for the 'sold out' events?

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:20:02 PM

This was going to be my first H Day. Definitely heartbroken, but this decision is for the best. Love y’all and hope to make it next year! 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:36:16 PM

If you have tickets and plan on attending next year, you don't need to do anything, your tickets will be good for next year.

Yes Leigh said those tickets that get returned will possibly open up tickets for those events currently sold out. 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   05:37:21 PM


Shona Koehn / Elkhart, IN, US

Thank you for making this decision and announcement this soon. It's a bummer, but the notice and announcement of next year's dates is much appreciated.

Posted Mar 16, 2020   06:05:38 PM


Megan Kyle / CONCORD, NC, US


Very heartbroken  over this news but totally understandable. Stay safe

Posted Mar 16, 2020   08:52:28 PM


Megan Kyle / CONCORD, NC, US


Also I will be there next year for sure 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   08:53:14 PM


Rebecca Plant / Tacoma, WA, US

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I'm disappointed but totally understand. Hang in there and stay safe, guys. We'll see you later in the year for tour. 

Posted Mar 16, 2020   09:51:48 PM

So next year won't be called Hanson Day 2021 -- it'll be called Hanson Day 2020, owing to the fact that this year is rescheduled... interesting

Posted Mar 17, 2020   12:14:06 AM


Marina Benevides Savoia / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, BR

  • Heartbroken, but it was the best decision since we don't know what is coming these days...

Posted Mar 17, 2020   06:12:51 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Will be there be new tickets for purchase available for fans not attending this year ? Hopefully starting in January ? I want to make sure tickets will be available? 

Posted Mar 17, 2020   08:07:53 AM


Katie Wanta / Orange, CT, US

Leigh has said that the returned tickets will eventually be made available for sale. 

Posted Mar 17, 2020   09:52:33 AM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Thanks lil zac bop , I’ll be looking 

Posted Mar 17, 2020   01:01:38 PM

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