Feb 11, 2019 | HANSON

HANSON Day 2019 Schedule of Events

The HANSSON Day 2019 schedule of events is up! CLICK HERE to see what we have planned for you this year. Tickets for events go on sale Thursday, Feb 14th.


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Jade Nighbor
North Bay, Ontario, CA

@pauro77 It probably just hasn't been uploaded yet. If you pm me your email, I can send you the one from last year if that would help in the meantime?


Anyone know the likelihood of events selling out?  My work won't let me know if i can have the time off until mid-March. I'm really hoping to make it this year!



Events do sell out.  Currently Karoeke and Bowling have already sold out, with a few of the painting classes as well. 

Typically Storytellers will accomodate everyone attending, and last year there were still a few listening party sessions and Dance Party tickets available at registration. =)



Will the store be open on Monday too? I’m having a hard time fitting it in my schedule for Friday and Saturday!


The store won't be open Monday as we usually break it down to make room for Hop Jam.



Leigh, when's the Tulsa Guide going to be available?

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