Apr 16, 2018 | HANSON

We're excited to announce two new String Theory shows in Nashville and Atlanta this fall!

Aug 2, 2018 - Pittsburgh, PA, US - Pittsburgh Symphony @ Heinz Hall
Aug 4, 2018 - Vienna, VA, US - National Symphony Orchestra @ Wolf Trap
Oct 20, 2018 - Atlanta Symphony @ Atlanta Symphony Hall *NEW SHOW
Oct 21, 2018 - Nashville Symphony @ Schermerhorn Symphony Center *NEW SHOW
May 17, 2019 - Tulsa, OK, US - Tulsa Symphony @ Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Fan Club pre-sale for Atlanta and Nashville will begin on April 17, 2018. Public ticket sale will begin on April 20, 2018.

HANSON String Theory is a musical manifesto with new and career spanning works from HANSON, arranged by David Campbell, performed with the world’s leading symphonies.

For information on all HANSON shows, CLICK HERE.


HANSON is also pleased to announce a special show at the Voodoo Lounge in Kansas City, MO on July 8, 2018. Fan Club pre-sale will begin on April 17, 2018 with the public sale beginning April 20, 2018.

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Erin Pocock / Conyers, GA, US

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i officially got my ticket for the atlanta show! it'll be my fourth concert going alone, but i don't care! :) i'm super excited! two of my favorite things together. :)

Posted Apr 17, 2018   02:27:38 PM

Come hang with us beforehand! The more the merrier! I will PM you my number for October! :)

Posted Apr 17, 2018   09:37:16 AM


Rachel Wagner / Charlotte, NC, US

5 2 3

@Erin, I'll be by myself as well. I took my husband to a Paramore show and he acted miserable the whole time, so I said I would never take him to another show of someone I know he is not a fan of! 

Posted Apr 17, 2018   10:45:17 AM

I’m going alone as well :) Have you all decided on hotels yet? I can’t decide if I want to be downtown or near the venue. I know nothing about Atlanta lol

Posted Apr 17, 2018   12:00:16 PM


Rachel Wagner / Charlotte, NC, US

5 2 3

@Lindsay, I am trying to decided if I am going to get one. My sister-in-law lives near Clemson SC and I could drive the hour and a half up there to stay the night. Most of the hotels near the symphony hall are up there in price and my husband would kill me if I spent $300+ for one night. Maybe I can sweet talk some Marriott points out of my in-laws. 

Posted Apr 17, 2018   01:18:06 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI

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Coming to Atlanta, yay! As long as we can find decent flights for that week. I was so hoping there'd be a concert that week as it's my autumn break from work (teaching) so this was great news. I've also wanted to visit Atlanta, Nashville and those areas for a long time. Looking forward to warm autumn days over there :) 

Posted Apr 17, 2018   03:42:23 PM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US


I'm super excited!! I got my ticket for the Nashville show.

Posted Apr 17, 2018   06:24:44 PM

No Texas dates?? Hopefully they will add some later. Can't wait to see it :-D

Posted Apr 20, 2018   04:51:13 PM

I cross my fingers and hope that you will bring your theory to Norway!

Posted May 6, 2018   02:15:57 PM


Valentina Deambrosio / Montevideo, Malvin, UY


I´m so happy with this proyect. I hope I can see it!

Posted May 7, 2018   10:03:13 PM


Brittany Roman / Ranson, WV, US


Going to the one at Wolftrap. Only thing keeping me from being so upset im missing this weekend!

Posted May 14, 2018   05:21:25 AM


Kelly Grilliot / Versailles, OH, US

I can't make it to any of your String Theory shows but.... I will definitely be at the UP State Fair in Escanaba MI in August to see you guys perform and hopefully get to meet you as well (Im SOOOO WISHING ON A STAR for that last part to happen

Posted May 17, 2018   10:49:18 PM


Mikaela Rennerfelt / Stockholm, Stockholm, SE


I've just purchased a ticket for the Atlanta show! I'll be going on my own and I'm flying in from Stockholm just to see the guys play :) Super excited!!

Posted May 19, 2018   06:05:54 AM

United States scheduled for Fall 2018.  Internationally Spring 2019.

Posted May 21, 2018   03:29:32 PM

Got tickets for Nashville, can't wait!

Posted Jun 6, 2018   06:38:52 PM


Deanna Mercadante / Carbondale, Pennsylvania, US

im going to the new york state fair does anyone know how to get the meet and greet? 

Posted Jul 2, 2018   10:35:19 AM

The New York state fair won't have any hanson.net meet and greets but sometimes the fair itself or local radio stations will have promotions to win M&Gs.

Posted Jul 2, 2018   11:10:22 AM

Come to Brazil again!!!!!! This show is definitely going to be amazing!!

Posted Sep 30, 2018   11:36:09 AM

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