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Feb 08, 2024 | Admin

HANSON is pleased to announce they wil be playing on July 19th in Turku, Finland as part of the Slot Festival. This show joins the addition of the SeaWorld show on Feb 24th. For all show details, see the Calendar!

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Pia Pelli / YLÖJÄRVI, -, FI

Can’t cope. A lot of happy tears happenig here! 😭 Thank you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇫🇮

Posted Feb 8, 2024   02:48:16 AM



Ooh I’ve been there and know two rather wonderful people that live there 😀❤️🎼

Posted Feb 8, 2024   03:02:03 AM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Yassss!! 🎉🥳🥰 Thank you so much for coming to my hometown this time! The best news!

The venue will be nice, it'll be outdoors right beside the medieval castle. Just hoping it won't rain on us! 

Posted Feb 8, 2024   03:07:48 AM


Posted Feb 8, 2024   03:08:23 AM



Oh pleased they are?😂 I know that WE ARE TOTALLY PLEASED!! 😂❤💚💙 oh my, this is awesome awesomeness!! Can't wait!!!


Posted Feb 8, 2024   05:27:39 AM


Haha, we are very much pleased as well! ❤️😂 Can't believe this is really happening. Thank you so much for coming to Finland again! ❤️💚💙

Posted Feb 8, 2024   06:51:17 AM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


The set, it should be a good usual festival set duration, about an hour or so? They're not the last act of the evening, but close, so I'm assuming they're given a decent slot (pun half-intended). 

Not that it would affect my plans in any way, but it just crossed my mind to ask! 

Posted Feb 8, 2024   07:05:56 AM

coolcongrats ihop some shows in  usa tcongrats guys 

Posted Feb 8, 2024   07:10:56 AM

Please would you consider also popping over to England! Xx

Posted Feb 8, 2024   08:11:30 AM


Shona Koehn / Elkhart, IN, US

Makes me wish I was further along in learning Finnish... and that I could afford to go to Finland right now. Someday!

Posted Feb 8, 2024   08:30:39 AM


Kandice Blades / WACO, TX, US

That's awesome!!

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:05:59 AM


Liisa Aronen / Järvenpää, -, FI

I ' m so Happy right now. Thank you so much! ❤️💚💙 Welcome to Finland again!

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:49:28 AM

Now they went and ruined it. Never again will we be able to cry out and complain "why oh why you never play my hometown".

Unless, of course, we do move to another city.

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:52:45 AM


Nichole Talarczyk / Plano, Texas, US

wishing i could fly but i'm down to like .4 days of pto hahah have fun everyone!

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:53:09 AM


Ohhh, that´s exciting news! Never been to Finland - Hanson would be the best excuse to travel there for some sightseeing during the day and some live music afterwards! Let´s see! :)

Posted Feb 8, 2024   10:33:20 AM

This is so amazing! 🤍✨🎶 We are sooooo grateful to get to experience Hanson again in Finland 🤍💙 And I am also lucky to have an amazing partner who joins me to Turku with our (then) 8-month-old so mommy gets to go see one of favorite bands. 🥰

Turku is a beautiful city so I do recommend to travel and experience Hanson in Finland! 😉

Posted Feb 8, 2024   12:04:06 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle, Staffordshire, GB

Let's hear it for Turku !!

Posted Feb 8, 2024   01:21:36 PM

"about an hour or so?"

Should be a full hour plus or minus a couple minutes (depends on set list)

Posted Feb 8, 2024   03:32:53 PM

I know you don't usually do meet&greets at festivals, but just thought I'd remind you that I had to cancel my Dublin m&g last year due to illness. Soooo... just putting that out there. 😉

Posted Feb 9, 2024   12:54:46 AM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI


Thanks, Leigh, for the info on set duration. That was somewhat expected although I'm not sure the festival organizers realize just how much of the initial sales for Friday now are driven by Hanson based on the social media likes count, and so they would deserve a few more songs for that!

Posted Feb 12, 2024   10:09:55 AM

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