Reminder - HANSON Day 2024 - RSVP Today!

Feb 07, 2024 | Admin

Member Exclusive: Don't forget to RSVP for HANSON Day!

The first step to attending Hanson Day IN PERSON is to RSVP. To RSVP, go to the Calendar section of Look for the Tulsa, OK - HANSON DAY WEEKEND event. You'll see an RSVP button - click it. That's it. You've RSVP'd. Once you RSVP, you can proceed to the store to purchase tickets for any of the special events you would like to attend.

All ticket links will be live Feb 8, 2024 at 10am CT 

You MUST RSVP in order to purchase event tickets!

Note: If you plan to buy a virtual stream ticket, you will need to RSVP temporarily while you purchase your ticket, then un-RSVP after your purchase.

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Ashley Ratzlaff / Roseville, CA, US

Thank you for the clarification. I'm unable to go in person and unchecked myself, but realized I couldn't purchase a streaming ticket. Be sure to RSVP even if you are attending virtually :)

Posted Feb 7, 2024   11:46:57 AM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

4 2

I'm that weirdo, who un-RSVP-ed and and RSVP-ed again, in case I did it wrong the first time 😄

Posted Feb 7, 2024   12:38:05 PM

Ashley, the rsvp email says that you need to rsvp for in-person attendance only. Not sure why the stream ticket won't show up unless you rsvp. Last year the stream was sold through a totally separate link, I think.

Posted Feb 7, 2024   02:01:10 PM


Ashley Ratzlaff / Roseville, CA, US


I saw that. That’s exactly why I unchecked myself. But I want my streaming ticket 😝

Posted Feb 7, 2024   02:54:26 PM

This was probably an oversight. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to correct it.

Posted Feb 7, 2024   03:15:53 PM

You'll need to RSVP to purchase the streaming ticket, then un-RSVP since you won't actually be coming to Tulsa.

Posted Feb 7, 2024   04:50:31 PM


Kay Leanne / Bradford, West Yorkshire, GB

Thanks for clarifying Leigh :)

Posted Feb 7, 2024   05:17:04 PM

Thanks for telling us the time!  Excited to get tickets. 

Posted Feb 7, 2024   09:26:00 PM

Can you bring a plus one on your membership and can I bring a lawn chair for GA standing I have bad ankles. 

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:43:01 AM


Erin Higgins / Howard City, MI, US


@HeavenR24 - You can not. Every person attending must be an active member of the fan club & purchase their own tickets. As for seating, I doubt it. I'm unsure if Cains has seating available or not since I've never been there.

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:50:41 AM

Can you bring a plus one on your membership and can I bring a lawn chair for GA standing I have bad ankles. 

Everyone attending must have a valid Hnet membership, RSVP and purchase any applicable tickets under their own account. 

Any GA event will have limited seating / ADA seating on the side of the venue.  The venue will not allow you to bring in outside chairs. 

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:52:40 AM

@heavenR24 no you can't bring a lawn chair to Cain's. They do have a small amount of bleacher seating but it goes fast. HTP is the only event at Cain's that will be seated.

Posted Feb 8, 2024   09:53:31 AM

Wohoo got a ticket to everything I wanted!!!

Posted Feb 8, 2024   07:35:15 PM

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