Dance Party Rescheduled

May 14, 2022 | Admin

Due to technical difficulties, the HANSON Day 2022 Dance Party is being rescheduled to tomorrow night (Saturday) at 11:00 pm. Bring your ticket stubs from tonight for entry. We look forward to seeing you at the Blast From The Past Dance Party!

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So sad that there were difficulties! I felt so bad for Taylor…but I won’t be able to make it tomorrow because I have to leave at 3:00 for my flight back home. :( is there any way to have this refunded? 

Thank you

Posted May 14, 2022   12:54:59 AM

You're leaving before the main concert tomorrow night? You can contact CS.

Posted May 14, 2022   12:56:12 AM


Jessica Yost / Alexandria, VA, US


I mean...we still had a great time! Stuff happens. It's all gravy. See y'all in 22 hours! 😂

Posted May 14, 2022   12:57:56 AM

Better late than never.

Posted May 14, 2022   01:08:25 AM

awee love taylor  its ok cant wait.

Posted May 14, 2022   01:13:06 AM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

I feel sorry for Taylor 

Posted May 14, 2022   01:14:56 AM


Ashley Dobbin / South Bend, IN, US


I will be sure to restock my Razzles and make sure I’m ready to dance to Thriller ;)

Posted May 14, 2022   01:30:03 AM

@leigh1 yeah…I have a 5 month old baby to get home to and also work early Monday morning. I’m not able to stay for the whole thing this year, sadly. Not ideal, but happy I was able to be here for Thursday and Friday. :)

Posted May 14, 2022   01:40:20 AM


Amalie Hart / Surfers Paradise, QLD, AU


Will tickets be available on the door for anyone that wasn’t planning to come tonight but is coming to the concert tomorrow?

Posted May 14, 2022   01:52:36 AM


Jennifer Reboudo / Uniontown, OH, US

2 2 1

"I just want to punch this **** in the face." - Taylor

Posted May 14, 2022   04:28:56 AM


Christina Hiltke / Hampton, VA, US

Will refunds be available for people who cannot attend tonight? 

Posted May 14, 2022   05:26:04 AM


Léa Tulasne Boston / Baltimore, MD, US

Why are people feeling sorry for Taylor? What happened in there?

Posted May 14, 2022   05:32:56 AM

The equipment wasn’t working for his dj set, you could just see how much it frustrated him. For what he had to deal with he still made the short part of it fun 

Posted May 14, 2022   05:59:47 AM


sharlotte baine / mableton, Georgia, US

Leigh I was not able to go this year  because I'm sick. I was told by cs I can't get my money back :( 

Posted May 14, 2022   09:21:23 AM

poor tay i fee;l bad but great that he djs tonight yeh

Posted May 14, 2022   09:23:41 AM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

I saw this on social media and felt bad. It is what it is. You get a second party now! How fun! Jealous, I would love to be there if I could!

Posted May 14, 2022   09:49:32 AM


Jade Doyle / Brantford , Ontario, CA

8 7 7 2

Whatever we got bonus dancing in then. 

Posted May 14, 2022   10:12:08 AM


Donnetta Johnson / Yukon, OK, US

It was kind of disappointing that there were issues, but I totally understand! Technology works great...until it doesn't. Super excited for round 2 tonight!

Posted May 14, 2022   11:46:08 AM

A little sad my outfit can’t really be reworn tonight but not sad that my belly won’t be so full of empire pizza tonight. 😂😂😂 can’t wait to burn them extra calories tonight!!

Posted May 14, 2022   05:39:13 PM


Kristin Moore / Tulsa, OK, US

Worth it!! Especially since we got Taylor singing Material Girl for us as a start to the party 🥰

Posted May 15, 2022   10:52:45 AM

I had fun at all the Hanson party's and I was so happy to see eihad a great time see you next year for Hanson party's 😀

Posted May 15, 2022   04:41:21 PM


Julie Marion / Huntsville, AR, US

Well both parties was awesome

Posted May 15, 2022   07:20:37 PM

We weren't even planning to go to the second one because the vibe was so off one the first one, even before the tech was going awry. We dropped in right at 11 when it a started. Heard Tay singing Material Girl...and it set the tone and we closed it down til 1:30am. What a night. Thanks for the redo...apparently it was the redo I needed as well. 

Posted May 15, 2022   07:41:21 PM

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