Oct 25, 2019 | HANSON

The Musical Ride

We're looking forward to a great week of shows starting tonight in Atlantic City, then heading down to Florida for what has become an annual string of shows as part of the Eat To The Beat festivity’s at Epcot. We’re making the most of an unplanned situation with Zac taking center stage and our friend Dash filling in on the drums. On a side note, there are surprising benefits to Zac not playing drums... way more cowbell! 25+ years and this musical ride keeps bringing us firsts, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!
We hope you will all join us in December for the Wintry Mix Tour all over the US, and for the Against The World Tour In 2020.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Have fun and I can't wait to see the highlight videos from the AC show tonight!  :-)



Thanks for an amazing night! Hope Zac heals quickly, although I hope we get to see him come out in front of the drums and play the HE** out of that cowbell more often! He’ll be doing himself a disservice if he doesn’t ;) Thanks for making my first front row in 18+ years a night to remember! Somehow I forgot my arm sling after dislocating my shoulder this week...8 hours away from home! Felt like a weirdo with my arm tucked in my waistband all night but it was worth the pain :)



I like how you’re able to improvise to make the best out of a crappy situation. When it’s all over, it could make for a fun story to tell for years down the road. I can picture a performance at a country fair and someone says,  “Remember that time when Zac got into an accident and he used a cowbell on tour?” Anyway, best of luck with healing and keep being awesome with everything you do. 



Brittany Bader
Fredericksburg, Virginia, US

The Atlantic City show was great! It was fun to see Zac up front and having such a good time. My daughter is going to be thrilled to know that they signed her "story about Hanson". Thanks again♡



Candice Lynch
auburn, ga, US

November 15th and December 11th can not come fast enough. I absolutely love being on this musical ride with you guys. 20+ years of loving you and I have never stopped. Let's Roll and I can not wait to see Zac front and center :) I have waited and waited to see him front and center for a whole show :) Wish it was for something other than him being hurt though! 



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Zac played the heck out of that cowbell lol but hey I loved it and he was full of energy which is another plus! He worked the crowd and done a great job. I wasn't there but my friend live streamed it and I felt like I was there in AC having a blast. I knew you guys would kill it! Can't wait till the show in ATL. 



Kudos to Hanson for a wonderful energetic show in Atlantic City! I’m 54; I heard about String Theory so I ordered it and was just so very impressed with It. It’s nice to see young artists trying something new and thinking outside the box. I joined their fan club; threw my name in the hat for a meet & greet and was blessed to be selected. They were all friendly and so cordial; true gentleman!  During the time I spent with them; there is just something about Taylor (he has an old soul). I would love to have the opportunity to sit and talk with him for more than a few minutes. I think it would be quite interesting; he seems to be one driven young man not just with his music but also for his community and those in need! Good for you Taylor! See you at Epcot! Many Blessed Years to all of you!❤️



Judging by the videos ive seen Zac seems to be enjoying front and center..who knew you could headbang with a cowbell......only Zac....



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

The AC show was amazing, I can't wait till the Wintry Mix tour!



Have fun in Orlando! I've always wanted to do the food and wine fest. sounds delish! looking forward to seeing you in Dec. Hang in there, Zac. Sounds like you are doing juuuuuuust fine. 



The cowbells killed it at Eat to the Beat the first night! Absolutely loved it! Hahaha



"25+ years and this musical ride keeps bringing us firsts, but we wouldn't have it any other way!"

Is this Zac talking?  It sounds slightly masochistic.  ;) 

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