Oct 27, 2018 | HANSON

The First Time In Forever

Houston, Nashville, Atlanta… the list of great shows just seems to grow every week, and 2 nights ago, we were in Miami for the first time, in forever.  Playing each night with a new orchestra adds a new dimension to each performance.  Rather than simply trying to read the audience and perform for them, you have to also lock in with the symphony and ride the waves they create.  It is a challenge, but one that has amazing results.

If there is one message we want people to take away from the story, String Theory tells it is aptly captured in the shows final song, Tonight.  Don’t wait for tomorrow!  Tonight is the topic of this week's String Theory docuseries, Episode 10.  Spoiler alert: if you are trying to protect your virgin ears so you can hear String Theory for the first time live in person, every episode does feature a lot of music.  That said, if you’re not watching, each episode features a different song, and is a great way to get inside our heads and understand why we chose the songs we did.  Getting to hear a little of the music gives a feel for the scope of the work that went into the album and tour for the past two years.

If you are a Hanson.net member, we have been sharing videos and photos from all the shows this week.  Remember to check the Hanson.net archive to find FC Reporter interviews, Meet & Greet photos, as well as some video and backstage photos when they apply and don't forget to mark down November 1st on your calendar and join us for the Hanson.net String Theory Listening Party, where you will be the first to hear the new String Theory album.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac 



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Natalia Vargas
Santiago, Metropolitana, CL

Chase down the dream and 

Don’t give up without a fight 

And don’t wait for tomorrow’s day light 

Cause it just might be tonight



Sarah Llewelyn
merewether, nsw, AU

This tour feels like a dream that keeps on going, loving every minute of it with you all! Here’s to the rest, now let’s let our hair down at Epcot!



I've read some great comments about all of the String Theory concerts, so far.  Chicago is sure to be epic.  Can't wait!



Bailey Tindel

String Theory in  St Pete was absolutely magical!



Amber Swinehamer
Bluffton, SC, US

I've been applying this approach to my life in general lately.  Time waits for no one.



I tried very hard to "protect my virgin ears" for the longest time, but I couldn't handle it anymore. Seeing ST in Louisville (less than a week!) and I am sure live is going to be a totally different experience! 

See ya fellas soon!



I’ve been also attempting to avoid the docuseries because I don’t want to spoil it! I’ve been failing lately! I get a few seconds in and I have to stop myself! Come on Cleveland! 

Also, Tonight has been a very favorite of mine for a long time. The lyric, “brilliance can sound insane” always stuck with me.



Megan Knight
Bridgewater, VA, US

Can't wait for the Philly show! <3



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

Thank you for St pete! Soo amazing!! My mom enjoyed it as well



By far, the most enjoyable Hanson concert I have ever been to in 2 decades! Phenomenal performance and the symphony added so much additional emotion into songs that already moved me. Thank you!!!



Rachelle Balge
madison, wi, US

It was hard for me not to sing Frozen songs after reading the title of this ...



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I cant wait for the ST Dvd because Ive been watching the docu series

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