Sep 06, 2018 | HANSON

No Rest For The Weary

We had a great Labor Day weekend singing the anthem for NASCAR in South Carolina. Summer is over and after roughly two years of planning and recording and arranging, the String Theory album is also complete. You can get a taste of what String Theory will sound like in a new video posted today featuring the song, No Rest For The Weary.  The video series will continue posting new videos every week with more of the story behind the songs and the show, as well as sharing exclusive videos for members from the making of.

It is exciting to finally be finished with the album, and to know that In just two days we will be performing the full String Theory concert with the Colorado Symphony. Each String Theory show day is extremely full with rehearsals and conducted meetings.  The result is you might not see us as much after each show, but we want to make sure to say hello to as many members as possible, so we will be increasing the number of M&G during the String Theory tour, so make sure to go to the calendar section of and request a M&G for any of the concerts you're coming to.  Hope to see you there.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac  



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I can't wait to hear the release date for the album.



samantha balsley
Midlothian, Va, US

I swear your music with the orchestra gives me constant CHILLLLLSSSSSSS <3 <3



Iesha Taitague
Glendale, Arizona, US

i love this song so much. i can't wait to hear it again this tour!



Thank You! Seriously. Thank you for working so hard everyday and sharing your passion with us. You guys really are the best band ever. I can't wait to see you in Minneapolis! :) :) 



Oh man....all I have to say is...”brother don’t waste my time.” you guys have been pushing so hard for some’s like you’ve become evolved forms of humans. Lol!



Did you guys re-record the vocals on other than the oldest songs? Or the music? Just started wondering as it sounds so familiar from the Loud EP. Of course, No Rest... was pretty perfect already there, so I guess it needed no new takes on it, especially if you wanted to keep the original vibe of the song. Looking forward to hearing the release date for the album! 



Chris Miller
Meadville, PA, US

@EyesWideOpen, I was wondering that too because the vocals do sound very similar.  I do think I noticed a few differences through, so I would think they did re-record the vocals for everything.



Kelly Davis
Astoria, New York, US

@EyesWideOpen, I was wondering that too because the vocals do sound very similar.  I do think I noticed a few differences through, so I would think they did re-record the vocals for everything.

I agree that the clip sounds to me like they layered in new orchestra parts over the same original EP track, but I guess we'll see/hear when we get the album...!



amazing hanson wow cant wait yes



Patrícia Segovia Ferigatto
Maringá, Paraná, BR

That's a great picture.

The ST album is complete, congratulations guys! 



I think all songs have been re-recorded, maybe they needed a slightly different rhythm and sound to get paired with the symphony? 

I'm very much looking forward to hearing No Rest for the Weary live, I think it'll be the highest climax of the show!



Nick Nichols
Brunswick, Ga, US

This is the first song they’ve release where I could really hear the orchestra. The others I could hear it a little but this one was epic. Reminded me of Bittersweet Symphony. I really hope they mix the orchestra tracks louder because they just seemed too subtle on the other songs they previewed.


Jennifer Metz
Dubuque, ia, US

thank you thank you thank you so much for coming to iowa!  It means the world to me.  Can’t believe I’m finally making it to a concert


Natalia Vargas
Santiago, Metropolitana, CL

I think the increase in m & g is very good



Kathryn McBride
Magnolia, Texas, US

I purchased my tickets a while back for the string theory in Houston TX elsewhere not knowing I could have bought them on here. (I'm new) How do I put it on the account to get a pin



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

To get a pin, on the day of the concert you can get a pin but visiting the Calendar page and clicking the "check in" button that will appear next to the date.  There are no pins for purchasing tickets. ( only links to the ticketing outlets)



Kathryn McBride
Magnolia, Texas, US

So I do not want to be over dressed or under dressed for string theory. What is everyone wearing to the concert?



I seriously can not wait to experience String Theory!!! BRING ON MARCH!!

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