It's Me Stan... On Your Voicemail

Oct 01, 2014 | ZacHanson

So we are launching a voicemail contest.  15 people will win so the odds are not bad, but on the flip side even if you do win you have no idea what we are going to send you... could be almost anything!

The way you enter is by updating your profile on the site, this is the info we will use for the message, so make sure your name is right.  It is going to be fun to record! To see all the details about how to enter check out the contest page here.

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Rachel Hockema / Lehi, UT, US

Awesome!  Glad I already filled out my profile!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   07:13:00 PM


Emily DeLang / Kennesaw, Georgia, US


Sweet! I'm with Rachel, glad I have everything filled out!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:00:07 PM


Heather Bynum / Snead, Alabama, US


Glad everything is filled out :)

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:03:18 PM


Megan Bradley / Lebanon, TN, US

So awesome!  Had to double check that I had my stuff filled out! :)

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:04:14 PM

Woohoo! I'm an official completionist :)

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:05:00 PM

1 1 1

How much of the your profile do you have to fill out in order to be a completionist?  Do you need to fill out the where to find you part?

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:17:43 PM

I filled out most of what they asked but I don't have some of the social media they asked about. No pin yet about being a completionist.

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:19:38 PM


Savannah Tyo / Somersworth, NH, US


Got my completionist pin! Hooray!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:33:19 PM

Ohhhh what i wouldn't do have Hanson on my voice mail...:)

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:44:49 PM


Beth Wheeler / Berwick, ME, US

5 2

Got everything in my profile filled out!!! Got my pin! :)

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:49:05 PM


Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California (CA), US

Good luck everyone!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   08:54:42 PM


Nikki Mann / anderson, SC, US

oooh so fun!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   09:11:15 PM


Abby Young / Charleston, South Carolina, US

Oh!!  Dude!!  I've been dying for blog comments FOREVER and here I go not even realizing they're here!  SAWEEEEET!!!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   09:16:21 PM


Amanda Gasser / Simpsonville, South Carolina, US


Would it be weird that if I won, I would just call myself all day!? hahah

Posted Oct 1, 2014   09:35:06 PM


Kaleigh Landaeta / Cordova, TN, US

Yay! I'm in. Totally want to win. 

Posted Oct 1, 2014   09:36:07 PM


Alexandra Baffa / Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

it so much fun!!!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   09:37:09 PM

1 1 1

Got my completionist pin! Fun contest, guys.

Posted Oct 1, 2014   09:51:48 PM


Amazing idea :) Good luck to all...

Posted Oct 1, 2014   10:04:23 PM


Elly Bucher / Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Is that all we have to do? Don't have to click a link or anything? Awesome sauce, I am all filled out and have my pin so fingers crossed!

Posted Oct 1, 2014   10:09:44 PM

Thanks guys, this is a great idea.  :)  

Posted Oct 1, 2014   10:37:07 PM


And done ;-)

Posted Oct 1, 2014   11:19:08 PM


love this! and love that Tommy Boy quote haha, SHUT UP RICHARD.

Posted Oct 1, 2014   11:24:46 PM

I may have screamed out when I saw I got the completionist pin. It was a totally normal reaction

Posted Oct 1, 2014   11:32:10 PM


Morgen Cavanah / Owasso, OK, US



Posted Oct 1, 2014   11:35:07 PM


Teri Smith-Huckfield / Hamilton, On, CA

I like this contest, its a great idea.

Posted Oct 1, 2014   11:40:39 PM

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