Nov 05, 2018 | ZacHanson

How To Fanson @ String Theory!

String Theory is well under way now, and the album is releasing next week. After talking to fans after shows, and during the Listening Party that has been going on all this week I feel compelled to put some things to rest.

“How are we suppose to behave at these shows?” – your average fan

Think of this concert as something wholly different than your average HANSON “rock show”. There are obvious changes to the layout and makeup of the band, bringing the drums up front, adding 40-60 orchestral musicians is no small thing, but it is also what we are playing. String Theory starts with a ballad.

If you are coming to a String Theory show for the first time, think of it like watching a movie. Stay in the moment, cheer when Luke destroys the Death Star, cry when Darth Vader strikes down Obi-Wan, but don’t make catcalls at Princess Leia!

Pretend like you're going the see the symphony...oh, that was easy!

For those who are inclined, there are some key musical moments that I will highlight where fans can lend their voices to the arrangment, parts that can always use a chorus.

String Theory PART 1

  • Reaching For The Sky
  • Joyful Noise
    • Sing along to for the “La la” and “Dance All Night” sections
  • Where’s The Love
  • Dream It Do It!
  • MMMBop
  • Chasing Down my Dreams
  • Tragic Symphony
  • Got A Hold On Me
  • Yearbook
  • Siren Call
    • Sing along to the “Ooh ooh” in chorus and in the outro
  • Me Myself And I


String Theory PART 2

  • Reaching For The Sky Part 2
  • This Time Around
  • Something Going Round
  • Battle Cry
  • You Can’t Stop Us
  • Broken Angel
  • What Are We Fighting For?
  • Breaktown

NOTE: Feel free to stand from this point to the end of the show

  • No Rest For The Weary
    • Join in and sing the choir part "Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaah"
  • I Was Born
    • Yell "B! 4!"
  • The Sound Of Light
    • Sing along to the "Oh oh oh"
  • Tonight
    • Sing along with the band for "Don’t Wait For Tomorrow!"

The real thing is to treat the show as a journey enjoying the beauty and magesty of the arrangments.  Woodwinds and brass strings and percoussion, there is a lot to listen for. See you all tonight in Chi Town!


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So Zac, I have to know, how well did we ‘fanson’ in Cleveland?! Lol! I didn’t notice any disturbances, although, I was in the front row so there was no one between you guys and myself. And the girl that called out at the  beginning of the show seemed  to do it at the perfect time for you to point out exactly what not to do. Amazing show, amazing album! 



@SAEC7985 I so agree!!! I am an opera singer and I didn't even clap after the first number because I figured it would be two movements separated by applause and an intermission, like a classical show. The applause is taken out for a few reasons. A) The musicians have put it together without breaks for a reason but if they have to keep stopping it is not the same piece of music, B) It is distracting to the musicians and patrons. I also noticed people arriving well into the show... you arrive at least half an hour early for a symphony show and have your butt in your seat 10 minutes prior. And generally speaking you do not have to "dress up" but it is different attire than a rock show. I will say I was very impressed by the Denver crowd, they were very respecful (with the only execption being the applause but I dont think that could EVER be stopped)... Those who are still going, have fun!!!! IT GORGEOUS!!!



I can’t believe you even had to post this. Some people just need to grow up and act like adults. It’s a symphony, not a rock concert. I’m excited and fearful all at the same time for the Fort Worth show. Some of us are driving from out of state and spending a lot of money to attend these wonderful shows. It shouldn’t be hard to respect those around you and embarrass the band. 

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