Nov 05, 2018 | ZacHanson

How To Fanson @ String Theory!

String Theory is well under way now, and the album is releasing next week. After talking to fans after shows, and during the Listening Party that has been going on all this week I feel compelled to put some things to rest.

“How are we suppose to behave at these shows?” – your average fan

Think of this concert as something wholly different than your average HANSON “rock show”. There are obvious changes to the layout and makeup of the band, bringing the drums up front, adding 40-60 orchestral musicians is no small thing, but it is also what we are playing. String Theory starts with a ballad.

If you are coming to a String Theory show for the first time, think of it like watching a movie. Stay in the moment, cheer when Luke destroys the Death Star, cry when Darth Vader strikes down Obi-Wan, but don’t make catcalls at Princess Leia!

Pretend like you're going the see the symphony...oh, that was easy!

For those who are inclined, there are some key musical moments that I will highlight where fans can lend their voices to the arrangment, parts that can always use a chorus.

String Theory PART 1

  • Reaching For The Sky
  • Joyful Noise
    • Sing along to for the “La la” and “Dance All Night” sections
  • Where’s The Love
  • Dream It Do It!
  • MMMBop
  • Chasing Down my Dreams
  • Tragic Symphony
  • Got A Hold On Me
  • Yearbook
  • Siren Call
    • Sing along to the “Ooh ooh” in chorus and in the outro
  • Me Myself And I


String Theory PART 2

  • Reaching For The Sky Part 2
  • This Time Around
  • Something Going Round
  • Battle Cry
  • You Can’t Stop Us
  • Broken Angel
  • What Are We Fighting For?
  • Breaktown

NOTE: Feel free to stand from this point to the end of the show

  • No Rest For The Weary
    • Join in and sing the choir part "Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaah"
  • I Was Born
    • Yell "B! 4!"
  • The Sound Of Light
    • Sing along to the "Oh oh oh"
  • Tonight
    • Sing along with the band for "Don’t Wait For Tomorrow!"

The real thing is to treat the show as a journey enjoying the beauty and magesty of the arrangments.  Woodwinds and brass strings and percoussion, there is a lot to listen for. See you all tonight in Chi Town!


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Conchetta Lewis
Houston, TX, US

I see this stigma towards the term fanson all of the time but I don't quite understand it. There will always be bad seeds in every large gathering of people. It doesn't change who we are as individuals nor does it minimize us as a fan if we use the term fanson. Many Texans are complete bonkers but does it make me hate the term Texan or disassociate with the state as a whole? No. 

Also, let's remember to not scare people away with the constant negativity about other people at shows. People love to latch onto the negative and that completely goes against Isaac's statement earlier this month. Regardless of how others behave, find the joy in the moment. Your favorite band is on stage giving you their all. I promise if you turn off the background noise and lose yourself to the performance you won't even notice. Enjoy the now. 



Heather Lundquist
Frisco, CO, US

"Pretend like you're going the see the symphony...oh, that was easy!"

You'd THINK that that's all that needs to be said!  
Sorry it had to come to this, guys.  
Us good apples hope that you are enjoying each night in each new city with each new orchestra, and we promise to behave!



I see what you’re trying to do, @Concetta, and I know none of us should judge a group by actions of a few, but *I* guarantee that no matter how “lost” you are in the music, you’re going to notice someone screaming “I love you Zac” at the top of her lungs during “Broken Angel”.  Sorry, that person doesn’t get a pass from me.  



Kelly Davis
Astoria, New York, US

Also, let's remember to not scare people away with the constant negativity about other people at shows. People love to latch onto the negative and that completely goes against Isaac's statement earlier this month. Regardless of how others behave, find the joy in the moment. Your favorite band is on stage giving you their all. I promise if you turn off the background noise and lose yourself to the performance you won't even notice. Enjoy the now. 

I understand where you're coming from, but I think you're twisting Isaac's words a little bit. He was encouraging people to share positive interactions/observations on social media instead of "bad news" headlines -- such as sharing the uplifting encounter he had with an airline employees. Great, yes, positivity is wonderful!

And speaking of positivity, there have been lots and lots of compliments and positive experiences shared about String Theory--many more than there have been "negative" comments, at least that I've seen--which is terrific! 

However, there is room for improvement in every community, including HNET. How can we fix problems (particularly issues that are noticeable enough that Zac felt compelled to address them!) if we ignore them, and pretend it's all good when people behave in ways that don't represent the HNET we want to be part of--and that reflect badly on all of us in the eyes of the band? As long as it's done in a way that doesn't attack/shame individuals by name, there's nothing wrong with calling out bad  behavior, so we can all learn to do better :)


Natalia Vargas
Santiago, Metropolitana, CL






Kristina Syversen
Brumunddal, NA, NO

Though Minneapolis wasn't as bad as what some other shows seemed like they were, I got so mad when someone kept yelling during the slow songs, especially during Me, Myself, and I! Like seriously, who finds it ok to scream at the top of their lungs during these songs??


LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. This 100% needed to be said and I'm so glad it came from Zac AND with Star Wars references! In Atlanta, there were several women standing up and dancing that it honestly took away from the experience. St. Pete wasn't too bad, save for the two very rude women in front of my group who refused to sit down after being asked and then told a few times to do so. Ladies. Come on. I get it. I do. But we're adults now, please act according to your surroundings. It's acceptable to be hot drunken cat calling messes at Epcot (ESPECIALLY at Epcot) or other such shows, but the symphony??? REALLY? A lot of us are there not only to see the guys but to experience this musical journey they're taking us on. STRING THEORY IS ABOUT THE MUSIC. Save your fangirling for the casual shows, but this tour ain't it.



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

No matter what Hanson does. There will be always be rude fans.



I was at the show in Louisville. I’m so sorry for how many of the fans acted. They were obnoxious and rude to say the least. Please know we weren’t all acting that way. We would love to have you back in Kentucky again soon!  I’ve been to 3 of the string theory shows; they’ve all been amazing! Thanks for all you do! 



Deerfield , Nh, US

Wow the fact that they had to post this......

But Whoever wrote it is the real mvp...and the Star Wars reference is genius.



Ashley Dobbin
Mishawaka, IN, US

Quite a few fans didn’t get the memo in Chicago. In all honesty I thought they would have common sense and respect not only for fellow concert goers but Hanson & the symphony. I understand, all other Hanson concerts have been full of energy, jumping, cheering, singing along, etc. I feel like for quite sometime, they have emphasized how they encouraged us to take in the music, the lyrics, and the story they are telling. I didn’t mind those who cheer after a song or when they took stage, but the cat calling during an emotional part of the concert or during a soft, beautiful moment was uncalled for, and all three of them at some point showed their unhappiness about it. I hope the future shows are better for everyone. They worked so hard making this happen, and it is an amazing experience. This is not a show to get sloshed right before and scream “i love you” during the quiet moments of the show. This is to listen, feel, and celebrate the awesomeness that is String Theory. 



Thank you for posting this :) I think you guys did a good job making it clear what was okay in L.A. I just wanted to sit and listen, it was incredible!!!



Taise Gasparin
Taubaté, SP, BR

hahahahahah "hou to Fanson"!!!



Vicki Meese
Stourbridge, West Midlands, GB

Happy to be instructed when we can stand! It's always awkward at a seated show when you don't want to block anyone's view but also fancy a dance! X


Jeez A Lou!  All that Catcalling during inappropriate moments  makes me wanna bring out the MAMA BEAR in me and drag them out one by one and put them in the TIME OUT CHAIR! 


Jessica Teeple
Mineral City, Ohio, US, US

 I must be honest I’m quite excited for this tour. I’ll be seeing you in Cleveland tomorrow. I hope that what I’m hearing is true and that is unlike any other tour. I’m ready to relax, sit back, and enjoy your music without the monstrosity of screaming fans. I hope that it is as eloquent  as a symphony should be and that the Fanson’s are on their best behavior. Here’s to hoping! 


I was at the Louisville show and the way some of the people were behaving was very disrespectful. It is no wonder they don't come to the KY area very often. During the beginning of the show they could barely speak for the cat-calling, an heaven forbid one of them bent over to pick something up. I am sorry Isaac, Taylor, an Zac please remember the few DO NOT represent the many. 


Say I print this and distribute copies as people walk in to the theater in 2 weeks. 

How many unfollows would that cost me? 



I am concerned about tonight's show in Cleveland. the girls here are crazy. I hope they read this and get the hint. Nonetheless, I am so excited and ready for the show!


At the Chicago show, my friends and i were stuck behind a group of girls who were dressed for club and acted like it was. They always had there hands up and blocked a lot of our view. After the intermission we moved to open seats we had been eyeing for a little bit. 


We attended St. Louis last night and it was wonderful. I enjoyed being able to sit and take in the music. For the most part the audience behaved themselves. There were a few I love you screams and fortunately that was it. We had a nosebleed seat and everyone remained seated and quiet. I noticed the last few songs, those that were right by the stage, got up and started dancing which was no big deal. The sound was amazing and it was about as perfect as a show that you could get.



The St. Louis concert was great. Unfortunately, as usual, there were a few cat callings and screams, and you could tell the band was not happy about it. I don’t think these people are members anyway, therefore weren’t able to read this blog. 

@erinlh According to the blog post, we were welcome to stand and sing along after “No rest for the weary”. I was at the front, and I know that I *for sure* stood up and enjoyed it! Hahaha

NOTE: Feel free to stand from this point to the end of the show 

  • No Rest For The Weary
    • Join in and sing the choir part "Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaah"
  • I Was Born
    • Yell "B! 4!"
  • The Sound Of Light
    • Sing along to the "Oh oh oh"
  • Tonight
    • Sing along with the band for "Don’t Wait For Tomorrow!"



The Cleveland show was simply breathtaking - The guys didn’t miss a single beat and - not to brag about my city but I thought the Cleveland symphony blew it away and drove those songs home. I was a part of the meet and greet and I am forever thankful. It was inspirational. It was life changing.. It was an AMAZING SHOW. Truly it is something I will be telling my grandchildren about.  It is sparks a fire inside. It resonates within  you to your core and leaves you feeling like a new person at the end. There are not enough accolades in the world for the Hanson brothers. INCREDIBLE 

While Zac was explaining what this post says in a very, very kind way.. he actually had to say “like that, that’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Because of a catcall WHILE he and Taylor were trying to speak. 

My mom (after having two strokes this year  and still wearing a hearth monitor)  spent her hard earned money to get me 4th row and I was so ecstatic I cried.. unfortunately,  HER  tears were of sadness when the drunk girls around us would not sit, quiet down or stop screaming... even screaming to other fans behind them “look where we got up to!” ... by the end of the night they were falling down, I don’t even know if they knew what they were doing — nonetheless  I was during and am still MORTIFIED on behalf of Cleveland. I am  so saddened for my mother. They were in the third row. There is no way the guys didn’t see them and for that, I implore you to forget them and remember the entire arena you changed forever. We are not all drunken and disorderly. 99% of the people there acted beautifully. Thank you so much to those who did. Personally, I couldn’t have cared less if one of them fell on me - nothing could’ve broken the trance I was in during that show! 

I know a lot of people around us were upset and it breaks my heart. 

If the guys or anyone else witnessed it - please  don’t let this discourage you from all of the genuine love we have for you in Cleveland and to the true Fansons — I have never felt such a kinship with people I’d just met! I sincerely love you all . I hope you had a MAGICAL night like we did no matter what your circumstances and got as much out of ST that you possibly could for your own hopes and dreams! Thank you to all of the respectful fans, who were WONDERFUL during the show. I was a proud Hanson fan to say the least being with you all. You all showed such class and kindness. . I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did!! 

I thank you ALL for a magical night and hope that this has to never be said again at a show - let alone a SYMPHONY! <3 Thank you Hanson,, thank you to the symphony and thank YOU GUYS for making it the best night of my life so far! 



Now if only this was posted BEFORE the show I attended, maybe it would’ve been more enjoyable. Hope people take notes and the next one is more respectful! 

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