Nov 05, 2018 | ZacHanson

How To Fanson @ String Theory!

String Theory is well under way now, and the album is releasing next week. After talking to fans after shows, and during the Listening Party that has been going on all this week I feel compelled to put some things to rest.

“How are we suppose to behave at these shows?” – your average fan

Think of this concert as something wholly different than your average HANSON “rock show”. There are obvious changes to the layout and makeup of the band, bringing the drums up front, adding 40-60 orchestral musicians is no small thing, but it is also what we are playing. String Theory starts with a ballad.

If you are coming to a String Theory show for the first time, think of it like watching a movie. Stay in the moment, cheer when Luke destroys the Death Star, cry when Darth Vader strikes down Obi-Wan, but don’t make catcalls at Princess Leia!

Pretend like you're going the see the symphony...oh, that was easy!

For those who are inclined, there are some key musical moments that I will highlight where fans can lend their voices to the arrangment, parts that can always use a chorus.

String Theory PART 1

  • Reaching For The Sky
  • Joyful Noise
    • Sing along to for the “La la” and “Dance All Night” sections
  • Where’s The Love
  • Dream It Do It!
  • MMMBop
  • Chasing Down my Dreams
  • Tragic Symphony
  • Got A Hold On Me
  • Yearbook
  • Siren Call
    • Sing along to the “Ooh ooh” in chorus and in the outro
  • Me Myself And I


String Theory PART 2

  • Reaching For The Sky Part 2
  • This Time Around
  • Something Going Round
  • Battle Cry
  • You Can’t Stop Us
  • Broken Angel
  • What Are We Fighting For?
  • Breaktown

NOTE: Feel free to stand from this point to the end of the show

  • No Rest For The Weary
    • Join in and sing the choir part "Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaah"
  • I Was Born
    • Yell "B! 4!"
  • The Sound Of Light
    • Sing along to the "Oh oh oh"
  • Tonight
    • Sing along with the band for "Don’t Wait For Tomorrow!"

The real thing is to treat the show as a journey enjoying the beauty and magesty of the arrangments.  Woodwinds and brass strings and percoussion, there is a lot to listen for. See you all tonight in Chi Town!


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Ashley Heitschmidt
Blackwell, OK, US




So much yes to this post, but unfortunate it even needed to be said. I wasn't even at these most recent shows, but I'm embarrassed for this fandom as a whole for the behaviors I've heard/read about. Hopefully, this "reminder" will be one that people take more into consideration vs one fan to another. 



Paola Rizzato
Heysham, Lancashire, GB

I am begging you, Zac: please drop the 'F' word. We're Hanson fans, not 'fansons'.



jodie loughrey
Heysham , Lancashire, GB

Agree with Asphodelia. This post should read “How not to Fanson @ String Theory”



Megan Campbell
Brunswick, Victoria, AU

Sorry Hanson fans keep behaving like fansons. 



Ashleigh Friis
Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Thirding Asphodelia!



Rachel Wagner
Charlotte, NC, US


It’s sad that it has to be said. I feel terrible for those that went to a show and did not have a good experience because of others. 



Your generous approach to nudging people in the right direction in terms of behaviour at shows is a mark of your integrity and I deeply respect you for it.

You all are eternally patient with us all.

I hope that people read and digest this and that we can respectfully influence those who are not members or those who choose to act without courtesy.


*Insert biggest shaking head face-palm emoji here*

This unfortunately needed to be said.


*Insert biggest shaking head face-palm emoji here*

This unfortunately needed to be said.



Sad indeed Rachel :(



jodie loughrey
Heysham , Lancashire, GB

@ Megan, Fansons will Fanson 



Jennifer Walker
Newnan, Georgia, US

I am 100% Glad that the two shows I attended were both amazing from the band and performance standpoint and the audience! We did have some standing but no cat calling!


I can't believe we have to be told how to act. Hanson has worked so hard on something so different then their other shows. This type of concert has never been done before. We should all just sit back and listen to their hard work. My niece is 7 years old and has been a Fanson since she was 2 months old and she know when to party and dance along and when to sit quietly and listen to it. We had a couple of Fansons in PHX who were coming on to strong but nothing like we heard in SDF those fanson should feel embarrassed. Hanson please know that you guys are so beyond amazing. My husband loved your concert SOT was his first and he can't wait for the next one. 



Amy Peine
Rice, MN, US

The fact that you even had to write this is so incredibly disheartening. I was so freaking second-hand embarrassed and angry at last night's show.  My 11 year old knew more of how to behave then those who were screaming and being obnoxious cat-calling y'all. I'm truly sorry that ADULTS can't manage their impulse control.. :/ 



"Pretend like your going the see the 

symphony... oh that was easy!"

Love it :D but I am sad that this 

needed to be put in a blog. 

Hopefully this will help fans 

that aren't quiet sure about 

how to behave during the ST 




Conchetta Lewis
Houston, TX, US

It’s crazy that this had to be said and in all honesty, the cat calling people are most likely not on here. Plus you guys tell us exactly what to do during the show. If Isaac tells me to stand then by George i’m gettin my butt up! Lol but in the mean time you watch and save the cheering and applauding for once the song is over. It *clap* ain’t *clap* rocket *clap* science *clap

Thank goodness this gives people something to reference 


Well its embarrassing that this needs to be said



Brittany Atchison
Kodak, TN, US

lol you seriously have to say this... 



Yvonne Strouse
Tishomingo, Oklahoma, US

Such a shame that you even had to waste your time to address this. We're all old enough to know better, and everyone should have more respect for every musician on that stage.



I mean, this shouldn’t even have to be acknowledged; we all knew out the gate that it wasn’t going to be a typical Hanson show. The moment that it was realized that the show was actually involving an orchestra and a completely different environment should have given the biggest clue. I’m all for dancing and enjoying yourself, but be respectful of the band, of the orchestra and of others who came to ENJOY the show for what it is.  Cat-calling isn’t cute. It wasn’t cute in ‘97 and it’s still not cute now. 


I feel relieved now! I couldn't hear the band on the only Hanson show I've been in life. because people didn't stop talking and screaming. The sound was turning louder and louder and people screamed more! It was insane!. And for me is veey important to hear everything! I love it! I bought tickets to String Theory and I'm afraid of not hear you guys again.


Oh this is soooo sad to see.  I was in Louisville for the concert and it had its moments- But I would have to say that I had my moments... let me admit to not keeping my butt in my seat at all the appropriate times- Per the above list- I think Battle Cry is the only moment :)

I do understand the disrespect that could convey...and if that negatively effected anyone's concert experience- let me be the first to apologize for my own behavior. 

(Cat calling-- negative, NEVER should I say, is that acceptable- yelling/clapping- just to say hello and to express the joy of the moment finally arriving...and then moving on because - let's enjoy the show!)

But I have to agree with so much said before....

Thank you for believing your fans could 'act right.' without having to say something... but thank you for saying something for those who didn't get the memo... maybe this should be printed, handed out... maybe the community could push the issue at little more-- but then again, so many toes to step on...and everyone wants to have a good time.

Maybe even a pre-show/pre-Hanson announcement... sadly, even with the information given at the start of the concert by the guys- with so much yelling- it seems to be missed- so maybe it could be the conductor of the symphony.

I think some misunderstand this as a Hanson show with a Symphony...but it isn't. 

Zac nailed it- first and foremost this is a symphony.

Hoping the balance of the tour is everything the guys want it to be!

Thank you for giving each concert your all and showing us true musicianship. Your embodiment of music, skill and finesse do not go unnoticed. 



I feel like it should have an edited ending like, 

tl;dr: Don’t act like a fool at a symphony show. Learn etiquette. Act your age. Enjoy the story being showed. See you at the next stop. 



Megan McNeill
Urbandale, IA, US

Last night was super cringy at times and I'm very sorry that some people need these kinds of reminders.

That being said, I want to thank you guys for doing what you do and sharing your craft with us. When I wasn't distracted by certain fans' appalling behavior, I enjoyed listening for a narrative within the set of songs you chose for ST and hearing many of my favorite Hanson songs amplified by a group of hardworking classical musicians. "Tonight" had me in tears thinking about my precious daddy, who died this past summer.

Yes, ST is definitely not your typical Hanson show...and that's by no means a bad thing. :) It was beautiful!

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