HANSON: Shout It Out 10th Anniversary!

Jun 10, 2020 | HANSON

10 years ago today we released the album Shout It Out! To mark the occasion, we're posting a brand new episode of the HANSON Time Podcast today highlighting none other than the Shout It Out album. It is crazy to think a decade has already passed, but amazing to look back at all the memories and all the music that been created along the way. We are very nearly finished with the 2020 Members EP, Continental Breakfast In Bed, and just a few more weeks away from launching a new design for Hanson.net, we can’t wait for you to hear  and see what we have been working on, and look forward to continuing to celebrate this anniversary with the launch. Thank you for all the years of music that you have made possible. We look forward to many more anniversaries to come. 
Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


Shout It Out is another one of my favorite albums but there are many favorites for me lol. I'm so excited to hear the new podcast and can't wait for the release of the CBIB EP and excited to see what ideas you came up with for the new design for Hanson.net. Its crazy its been 10 years since SIO was released. Dang I feel old now lol. Looking forward to more anniversaries and hoping Hanson Day 2021 will include one. Thanks for all you do!! Love you guys!!

Posted Jun 10, 2020   08:46:46 PM

Yay! We are also looking forward to many more anniversaries of albums. I always liked shout it out, but after seeing you live last year and hearing you play several of those songs... I had to go back to it and love it even more know. Great album! Can’t wait for against the world!

Posted Jun 10, 2020   09:10:45 PM

2 3 1

I am here for many more anniversaries. Spreading the Hanson Love ❤️❤️❤️

Posted Jun 11, 2020   02:25:31 AM


amber mcnaron / hamilton, oh, US


Posted Jun 11, 2020   02:39:27 AM

Happy Anniversary SIO!  Can't believe it's been 10 years since we were thinkin' bout nothin' else!!

Posted Jun 11, 2020   03:22:52 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


This, at the end of the London 5 of 5 was quite a thing.
I was absolutely knackered by that day and time but had met some fabulous people in line and spent the week laughing more than is respectable and walked with Hanson and it really was a celebration. 
And Taylor I was there in 2011- and all the way back to 2000... and still here ...

Posted Jun 11, 2020   04:22:28 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


The conversation with Tove was fascinating. The background to the songs and the making of, the insights in retrospect and the reflections on the meaning and value of the songs is much appreciated. 

Posted Jun 11, 2020   04:24:00 AM

Shout it Out holds a very special place in my heart! I love that album and all the memories that come with it! 5of5 was one of the best Hanson experiences I had and every moment of that week I'll treasure forever! I've met some incredible people during that week and the SIO tour that came after it, and I am ever so thankful for that! Happy Anniversary SIO!!! You always make me want to dance :) 

Posted Jun 11, 2020   04:46:49 AM

5of5 repeat?:) i wasn't able to attend so why not a new 5of5?:) Happy Anniversary of SIO!:)

Posted Jun 11, 2020   05:51:57 AM


Miranda McGovern-Gray / Plano, IL, US

20 1 1

It is crazy to think SIO is already 10 years old. I’m definitely looking forward to the next 10 years and many more!

Posted Jun 11, 2020   09:46:49 AM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US


This has been my favorite album. Thank you hanson!

Posted Jun 11, 2020   09:51:26 AM

One of my favourites, been listening to it for a few days! Can’t believe it’s been 10years! Still sounds as good! X 

Posted Jun 11, 2020   11:47:01 AM


Roberta Aparecida dos Santos / Santo André, São Paulo, BR

Congratulation for amazing work!

Posted Jun 11, 2020   01:39:53 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 9

I love the "Shout It Out" album!  Has one of my most favorite songs - "Carry You There" and that wonderful "Blues Brothers" inspired sound - just amazing.   Going to listen to the podcast now....

Posted Jun 11, 2020   02:51:27 PM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US

Thanku guys for all the years of music. Cant wait to get this EP the songs are already stuck in my head 

Posted Jun 11, 2020   02:56:10 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I really  enjoyed the background story of the soul music influences and  the thinkin about something story . and the Carry  you there performance at the end ! I love  the new EP and I'm so excited Isaac that we finally  get to own Everyday .

Posted Jun 11, 2020   05:26:23 PM


Melissa Browning / PORTLAND, OR, US

Holy cow - 10 years already?! I guess that would make sense since my kiddo is 12! Happy Anniversary SIO!

Posted Jun 11, 2020   05:36:40 PM


Kylie Haymaker / Falls Church, Virginia, US


The day it came out, I was in the last few weeks of my freshman year in high school.

Posted Jun 12, 2020   01:54:51 PM



Maybe remaster and re release it?

Posted Jun 13, 2020   12:24:51 AM

10 years already... I remember going into a morning radio pop station and promoting your Minnesota Zoo show, and talking about how you guys became independent and what you’ve been up too., etc. I remember just getting oddly lucky and scoring front row seats through Ticketmaster. And all that heavy rain pouring in the humid Minnesotan air down on everyone, half of the audience was in ponchos... hahaha.  I still remember the blue and pink floral dress I was wearing too. Those memories in that era are some of the best memories I have. Thank you for giving me some good memories to hold. 

Posted Jun 13, 2020   05:31:08 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


I loved the whole art vibe of this album. The actual album is such a joy to look through and own. After a few years of coveting it, I managed to purchase from a friend, a painting from those days and it is one of a few very special pieces on merchandise that I have.

Posted Jun 15, 2020   05:02:39 AM

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