HANSON: Don’t Ever Change Out Tomorrow!

Jun 03, 2021 | HANSON

It’s a big week, because tomorrow Friday, June 4th, the second single from Against The World is releasing, “Don’t Ever Change”. We hope you're ready for a complete change of scene, cause Don’t Ever Change departs from the warm tones of Annalie, and leans hard into Power Pop. Bombastic drums, check! Loud Guitars, you bet. We are excited to share this song and thrilled to have the talents of the iconic Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) on loan as lead guitarist.  

You will find Don’t Every Change on all major music platforms, but if you want to see the music video first, you will find the premier on Rollingstone.com. @ 8am ET, with it going live on YouTube Friday afternoon.  If you're a Hanson.net member, pour yourself a drink (you deserve one) and join us for a Members Nightcap stream at 7PM CT. We will be chatting about Don’t Ever Change and taking your questions live!

Our favorite thing about releasing Against The World one song each month, is we know from now through November there is always something to look forward to. Each month there is a new single, new video, new making of, new HTP podcast episode, as well as four months of unique live streaming concerts. July we are playing shows highlighting music from Middle Of Nowhere and This Time Around, August brings Underneath and The Walk, September Shout It Out And Anthem, and in October you get to choose, cause we are bringing back head to head voting for two streams of “Listeners Choice”. We hope to see you at a show soon.

Thanks For Listening!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments

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So happy about all this new music. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:16:01 PM


Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California , US

Can't wait for tomorrow. 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:27:50 PM


Jo Bacon / Docklands , Victoria , AU

2 4 3

Already listening in Australia, this is one of my favourite songs 😍

Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:32:51 PM


Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:35:24 PM


Minna Lindqvist / Turku, -, FI

1 13

Just listened to the new single on Spotify as it hit midnight here, and well I added it to my "Favourite Tunes of 2021" playlist right away! Just so good, love the energy, the guitar sound, and the vocals! 

And such a nice surprise about the Nightcap, guys!!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:35:31 PM


Kandice Blades / WACO, TX, US

I can't wait! :-)

Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:49:53 PM

Got the song on repeat here in Australia. It’s a new instant favourite. Please do more songs like this!

can’t wait to see the video, and will see you for the nightcap!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   04:50:56 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

I absolutely love this new way of releasing the album.  Like y’all said, it’s great to anticipate what’s coming each month, and to get excited for it. I have a feeling this song is going to be on heavy rotation starting tomorrow. Best thing…it’s my day off, and this seems like the perfect song to hit the gym with too! 🙌🏼❤️‍🔥

Posted Jun 3, 2021   05:18:04 PM


Trinity Johnson / Cincinnati , Ohio, US


Gimme all the neon lights and screaming guitar 🤩

Posted Jun 3, 2021   06:14:05 PM


Sarah Gagnon / Amherst, Nova Scotia, CA

So excited!! 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   06:29:01 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Lookinf forward to hearing it tomorrow

Posted Jun 3, 2021   06:31:16 PM

Some of us really need something to look forward to each month!!

Me. It's me. I need something to look forward to each month!!!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   06:58:02 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

Something to look forward to!! I can’t wait to hear it tomorrow!! 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   07:12:13 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


And now I have plans for Friday night!  YAY!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   07:38:19 PM

i thank god for hanson taylor to my  day eyar is bete rnow thank u

Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:02:56 PM

Can't wait 🤩🎶🥰

Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:06:31 PM


bronwyn lee huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

It already out in Australia on iTunes 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:30:43 PM

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I'm loving the sample I've heard so far of the song. I can't wait to hear the full song and the video that comes with it.

Posted Jun 3, 2021   09:51:55 PM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US

1 1

I can't wait

Posted Jun 3, 2021   10:34:11 PM


Danielle Roseberry / Duson, LA, US


Posted Jun 3, 2021   11:38:17 PM


Amy Seekely / Cleveland, Ohio, US


Just listened.  Take a bow, guys! Fabulous music👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎶💗

Posted Jun 3, 2021   11:42:36 PM


Tabby Braden / Mexico, MO, US


Super excited for new music!

Posted Jun 4, 2021   12:01:04 AM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US

Excited ☺️☺️

Posted Jun 4, 2021   01:00:32 AM

The song is awesome 🙌 👌 Looking forward to see the video!

Thanks for the Nightcap, such a cool surprise 😊

Posted Jun 4, 2021   03:17:36 AM

Very excited 😆 

Posted Jun 4, 2021   04:56:58 AM

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