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May 21, 2021 | HANSON

Our newest album, Against The World, is officially rolling out, with the first single Annalie available now, and single number two set to release on June 4th, but as much as we are thrilled to see Annalie and ATW going out into the world this week is really all about Hanson.net and Streaming!

This week we are celebrating HANSON Day, with new streaming events everyday, and we have reached the best part of the week, concerts! That’s right tonight and tomorrow night we will be taking the stage for two very different shows. This evening “This Time Around Acoustic”. We will be celebrating our sophomore creation by revisiting TTA and highlighting some of our favorite parts of these long beloved songs. On Saturday, we will be putting the spotlight on the 2021 members EP Crossroads, with a show featuring the new EP, as well as a lot more from the catalog.

The HANSON Days are all about saying thank you to our amazing members who support us even through these crazy times. And we can’t say it enough. It feels good to be back on stage, and it makes us excited to know it is just the start. We will be live streaming concerts in July, August, September and October, so even if you miss us tonight, you can join us in person or online when we do it all again in just over a month.

Now let’s grab this weekend with both hands and sing every song like bad karaoke!!!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Forum Comments

i cant wait thank u hanson love your camera to pics tay

Posted May 21, 2021   12:09:43 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


July 3rd is my birthday so I plan on being in Tulsa for these shows for sure!! Can't wait!

Posted May 21, 2021   12:17:56 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US


Really looking forward to be back in Tulsa in October for the shows. Part of my 40th bday celebration 

Posted May 21, 2021   12:25:09 PM



Looking forward to the concert tonight! This Time Around is pretty special in my book.

P.S. That photo of the old jadeite green truck is calling to me... I have some old jadeite glass diner/restaurant ware  mugs that would look spectacular with it.

Posted May 21, 2021   12:36:23 PM

I'm so excited!

Posted May 21, 2021   01:06:35 PM


Lets go i ready july 2 and oct 2 yes lets do this hanson

Posted May 21, 2021   01:37:10 PM


Julia Krylova / Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIA, RU


I'm so excited about the concert and dance party! I can't wait! It will be 4 am in my time zone though, OMG! LET'S HAVE A PARTY ALL NIGHT LOOONG! =D

Posted May 21, 2021   01:56:00 PM


Sinead Caslin Cregg / Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, IE


Thank you guys!!! Cant wait for another live stream! Gonna watch here in Ireland!! 🔥❤🤗

Posted May 21, 2021   02:05:17 PM


Tatiana Goya Uehara Rodrigues / Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

Can't wait for tonight!!

Posted May 21, 2021   02:16:58 PM


Mariana Antunes / São Paulo, SP, BR


Now let’s grab this weekend with both hands and sing every song like bad karaoke!!!

I love that!

Posted May 21, 2021   03:24:32 PM


Nicky Oxendine / Independence, VA, US


Excited to see these shows 💙

Posted May 21, 2021   06:52:14 PM

Food and Wine Festival?! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Posted May 21, 2021   07:57:21 PM

I paid for this concert and cannot get onto the website to see it... 

Posted May 21, 2021   08:18:39 PM

Paid for tonight's show, got to the live screen where it said stay tuned and then I got booted and can't get back in

Posted May 21, 2021   08:19:16 PM

Guys. That * in live * website is TERRIBLE... 😖

Posted May 21, 2021   08:24:15 PM


Sarah Lemin / Mernda, VIC, AU


Gee..... I'm not liking in.live at all...... An hour in and still nothing & their responses are pretty pathetic...... I really hope we don't have to deal with this service again, eventbrite last time was better 🤞🤦‍♀️

Posted May 21, 2021   09:12:38 PM

I saw 1/2 of the last song. Emailed support and tried the whole entire time of the concert to get it 🥺. Support didn’t help. 

Posted May 21, 2021   09:34:55 PM


Julia Krylova / Moscow, Moscow, RUSSIA, RU


The show was just amazing!! I woke up at 3:50 a.m. to watch the stream. I feel exhausted, but it definitely was worth it! I had no problems with the broadcast at all, although I was watching from the other part of the planet. Thank you for the show Hanson!! I'm feeling so happy!

Posted May 21, 2021   09:36:50 PM


Kimberly Duquette / Manchester, NH, US

1 5

Loved the live stream tonight, cannot wait to take my first trip to Tulsa in October! 

Posted May 21, 2021   10:42:06 PM


Mandy Cadreau / Fort Gratiot, Michigan, US

You guys were amazing tonight! ♡ I loved the ballad version of Runaway Run. It was perfect. 😍 Can't wait for my first trip to Tulsa to physically see you guys in August. 

Posted May 21, 2021   10:42:45 PM

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