Mar 12, 2020 | HANSON

HANSON: Big Changes Coming

For months we have been working on a new album (Against The World) and a world tour that would start in the Summer, but as the whole world is trying to deal with the Coronavirus, everyone is being affected in one way or another and we are no exception. This means there are going to be delays. The full plan is still coming together, but we will share more as soon as possible. There’s a silver lining, delays mean more time for creation, and with more time, the chance to complete musical projects that up until now have only been dreamed about.
We are so excited to be announcing BTTI 2021 dates today. We hope you will join us and even more to share our anticipation for what comes next. There is so much music that we need to make!
Our hearts go out to everyone who is sick or struggling. Remember what a not so wise man once said “don’t lose yourself in your fear”. Wherever you are around the world, be safe, hold on to your smile, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

Thanks for the heads up.



Of course, a delay is understandable.

Stay safe everyone, hopefully soon all this will be over. :) 



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

I be smiling - can't wait to hear the new album!!  :-)   

Be careful and stay safe!



Jennifer McWilliams
Oakville, ON, CA

Yes I can imagine venues are unsure of booking at this stage. Praying the self isolation taking place over the next few weeks will slow this thing down! 



Kelly Grilliot
Versailles, OH, US

Advice taken.. hold my smile I surly will... Still can't wait to see you guys no matter how long the wait... It's always worth it. Prayers being sent to everyone for good health and happiness during this trying time. Concert delays just mean I have more time to blow money at the hnet store hahahaha so there's some positive to the negative. .. "live life" right? 



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

It is scary and I'll admit I'm scared for myself and my kids with this virus but I know we have to keep on keeping on and enjoy the now. I'm excited for everything Hanson related whenever it may be and understanding about the delays that may come. Prayers for all and do what you can to prevent it in your home. 



This virus has put a hold on just about every aspect of normal life. I can definitely understand how it would be impossible to plan a world tour with the travel and venue uncertainty.  It's good to know you're making the best of a bad situation, though. There's never any down-time in Hansonland. I'm so very curious to hear about those dreamed of musical projects (which may now be given a chance to see the light of day)!  :)

I hope you and your families stay safe. I'm counting on all of us getting through this and coming out stronger, but I do worry about those people dealing with the worst of it right now. Best wishes, everyone!  <3 <3 <3

P.S. I never imagined lines outside the local grocery store to get your share of rationed toilet paper, but here we are... 


Rationed toilet paper??? I haven't heard of that happening yet. Then again, I buy in bulk so I basically always have a big supply of basics.



Everywhere here is now out of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap products...I say little too late as towards the end many places tried doing limits, but at that point it was too late.



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

We both think smart Leigh!



Megan Kyle
Concord, NC, US

I never thought I would li e in a world where we would have to fight for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It's insane. Hope you guys and the families stay safe 



Thank you guys for this post <3

World needs Hanson more than ever in times like these. Looking forward to new music :)

Stay safe and buy bread while you can ;)

ps: based on a reporter interview from last year I have this vision that Zac could be one skillful doomsday prepper.. if so, listen to that guy! :D



You guys mean so much to each and every one of your fans. Please take care of yourselves during this time too!

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