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Feb 01, 2015 | HANSON

This coming week we will host our annual song writing retreat Fool's Banquet.  It is a time in the year we all look forward to.  Think of it like camp for people who love making music.  Lots of friends, old and new.  New musical projects every day.  Great food, and yes, we are bringing some Mmmhops!  Fools happens each year in January or February and it serves as a great creative jump start for what ever projects we are working on, or about to start.  This year Fools will lead us right into the 2015 Members only EP.

Over the past few weeks we have been building and painting and rearranging the 3CG office and recording studio, adding new rooms for writing and generally rethinking the way we use our spaces. If all goes according to plan, our studio additions will have a huge positive impact on all the recording we plan to do later this year.
We are currently working on a lot of different projects for 2015, a Tour, New album, Hanson Day 2015, Back To The Island 2016, Hop Jam 2015.  There is a lot we will be sharing come HANSON Day, but in the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for info about live streaming of the making of the 2015 Members EP which we will be announcing next week. 
Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Melissa Barnes / Ronkonkoma, New York, US


Posted Feb 2, 2015   03:22:06 AM


Crystal Soles / Augusta, GA, US

Yay!!  I'm super excited for all the new music and stuff to come.  Can't wait for the upcoming Livestream too.  Have a great trip! 

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:28:01 PM

thanks for the info. 

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:34:47 PM


Suze Robertson / Dallas, TX, US

Exciting times ahead indeed !(hope Yall have a great time giving your creative juices boost this week !) :) 

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:36:00 PM


Rachel Wichman / Omaha, NE, US

Thanks for the update! Can't wait for more (and maybe a stream?!)

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:36:52 PM


Paola Carnelli / North Bay Village , Florida, US


Can't wait to get to listen to all the new music and enjoy all the new stuffs. So exited about the live streaming of the EP 2015 making! Yay!!! 

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:40:56 PM

I had a feeling you were going to Texas for Fool's Banquet. Can't wait to hear what the new music will sound like.

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:44:56 PM

Yay, livestreams! :)  I hope you guys have a fantastic week.  

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:45:56 PM


JoAnne Switzer / Lancaster, SC, US

So much good news in post!! Love it! Have a good week y'all!

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:51:35 PM


kaytee Ppp / Beaumont, Alberta, CA


Great news! :) Busy boys!

Posted Feb 1, 2015   09:57:02 PM


Kelly Pace / Lindsay, ontario, CA

Glad to finally have an update!! Can't wait :)

Posted Feb 1, 2015   10:02:49 PM


Marianne Marafino / bellport, New York, US

Awesome news!! Have fun and get crazy-inspired this week...make sure to take plenty of pics/video to share with us!!!

Posted Feb 1, 2015   10:04:04 PM


Abby Young / Charleston, South Carolina, US

I can't WAIT for this...livestream announcement?  Did I read that right?  My brain's a jumbled mess right now...

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall for Fool's Banquet and hear all the great stuff that comes out of it.  I'm STILL gunning for that compilation CD that will never exist of the music we heard on that video at Hanson Day LAST year.  Yep.  Good stuff.

Posted Feb 1, 2015   10:31:57 PM


Brittany Dulak / Green Bay, Wisconsin, US

9 3 7 3 4

This made my night after working a long double at the nursing home! Can't wait for more info about the EP and everything else!!

Posted Feb 1, 2015   10:36:26 PM

Ooooh. You have my attention. Happy music-making, boys :D

Posted Feb 1, 2015   10:37:38 PM

Yay! Excited about all of the above! Thanks for the update, guys

Posted Feb 1, 2015   10:44:58 PM

I wonder what the new music will sound like?  Like, how do they come up with a song idea and arrangement.  Is it gonna be rock, R&B, blues, etc.  I can't wait to find out!

Posted Feb 1, 2015   11:19:08 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US


Looking forward to hear your plans. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Posted Feb 1, 2015   11:43:56 PM


Gemma Martin / Gibraltar, Gibraltar, GI

8 3

Yippeeee!!! Can't wait for new music & tour info :D 

Posted Feb 2, 2015   12:47:46 AM


3 1

Making music with plenty of Mmmhops for lubrication.  That should loosen things up nicely...(and make for an awesome time)!  Thanks for the sneak peek.  We have a lot of Hansony goodness to look forward to this year!

Posted Feb 2, 2015   12:54:02 AM


Iria Rodriguez Simon / London, London, GB

Exicting!!!! :)

Posted Feb 2, 2015   03:13:21 AM


Iria Rodriguez Simon / London, London, GB

OMG! I mean exciting!! :P

Posted Feb 2, 2015   03:14:37 AM


Jessie Staab / Houlton, ME, US

I can't wait!!

Posted Feb 2, 2015   07:04:58 AM


Cecilia Carvalho / Fortaleza, Ceara, BR

Wow!! Tour, album, livestream!!! Soooo excited, guys!!

Have fun!

Posted Feb 2, 2015   08:12:53 AM


Sara Steines / Black River Falls, WI, US

alright, alright, alright!!!

Posted Feb 2, 2015   08:18:13 AM

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