Apr 05, 2018 | HANSON

An Eclectic Sound

We have had an intense week working on music for the 2018 Members EP, but the results have been really cool.  There is an eclectic sound as you jump from song to song, but at this point I think that is what fans have come to expect.  Bad For Me, Gold Miner, Young and Dumb, even looking at the titles you get a sense that each song has a distinct sound.  We will be sharing more from the making as we lead up to HANSON Day and the release of the new EP next month.

2018 marks two decades since our first world tour, though our focus this year is on String Theory (lots more coming on this) and doing things we have never done before, it is still fun to look back.  During HANSON Day this year we will be adding some never before seen footage to the Movie Night at Circle Cinema and the focusing our Storytellers concert on that same time, what we were writing and playing when we were meeting many of you for the first time.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Emily DeLang
Kennesaw, Georgia, US

Excited to hear more about String Theory! Soon?



Such exciting stuff happening! I can’t believe it has been 20 years since my first concert...Albertane Tour Seattle! Been such an amazing two decades and I can’t wait for more. I hope you guys will be teaming up with the Boston Symphony Orchestra *fingers and toes crossed!* because they are incredible, and it would be such an amazing show. Either way, can’t wait for what’s ahead! 



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

I'm so ready for the new ep!!



I'm looking forward to hearing the songs on the new EP. And seeing more video's of the making of the songs.

And now I want to go the movie night to see what has been added. Hopefully we will hear early songs during the Storyteller event also.



An eclectic sound is what one has come to expect from Hanson. Every new musical production sounds different. 



I hope they can come to Edmonton or Sherwood Park  Alberta 



Jody Powell
Eunice, LA, US

Oooooooooooh, exciting!  It's all happening! 
Can't wait to see which one is going to be my favorite.  Thanks for the new songs; I look forward to them every year.



Excited to hear more about String Theory. Either way, can’twait for what’s ahead! :)





Karyme França
Rio de janeiro, Rio de janeiro, BR

You never stop surprising us, and that's awesome! So excited about the String Theory!



Eclectic is good...and those titles are intriguing.  I'm sure the 'making of' videos for the new EP are going to be fun to watch.

Does that extra footage you've added to The Road to Albertane mean you've finally obtained the rights from Mercury and we'll be able to get it on DVD.  I sure hope so!  On that same note, I'm really looking forward to the Storytellers concert...  Those were some great memories...

I'm hoping the Hop Jam lineup and more String Theory dates are coming soon.  We've got planning to do!

P.S.  I like the photo.  I have a bunch of old wooden thread spools (I even have a vintage/antique corner shelf made from them), but not one of them says 'STRING THEORY' on it.  ;)



Jody Powell
Eunice, LA, US

@eek.....I collect wooden thread spools, too.  Goes back to my days of making spool necklaces as my mom used up the spools with her sewing.

And, yeah, Hop Jam lineup and String Theory dates would be most welcome!  So many people are holding off on buying plane tickets for Hanson Day and prices are going up so it's really nerve-wracking.  Hanson would see a jump in Hop Jam ticket sales if they would just announce the lineup already. 

And there's a bunch of us who have summer and fall plans on hold, waiting for String Theory dates.  Mini vacations are built around the cities we travel to for Hanson but if Hanson concerts aren't feasible, then we move on to other vacation ideas, so all that preparation is put on hold.  I'm supposed to work on a play in the fall, and my director is pressuring me for dates, but I'm holding her off as long as possible for waiting on Hanson.  I know there are limitations to releasing the information, but if all is ready to go, then stop killing us with anticipation, lol!  We're all holding our collective breath out here!



"Bad For Me ",  "Gold Miner", and "Young and Dunb". Hmmm there seems to be a theme there . I am guessing this ep is about love gone wrong? Lol Can't wait to hear the new songs. Very excited. 



"Bad For Me ",  "Gold Miner", and "Young and Dunb". Hmmm there seems to be a theme there . I am guessing this ep is about love gone wrong? Lol Can't wait to hear the new songs. Very excited. 



isabela safira dos santos carmo
Ananindeua-PA, Pará, BR

I'm very lucky because I'm a fan of a very creative band. Parabens.



Abby Houston
Tacoma, Washington, US

Two decades since I first saw you guys perform! I'm excited to hear the new ep. 



i cant wait hanson this Tulsa will rock.



Trinity Johnson
Cincinnati , Ohio, US

Sew ready for more details! haha





I can’t wait to hear it but I also wish they can come to Alberta like Edmonton or Sherwood Park but I can’t go this year but I going for sure next year for my big birthday 



Looking forward to hearing much more about this! :)


April Rogers
Hooksett, NH, US

Always excited for new music! Looking forward to it. 


Excited to hear the new music! 



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Been loving the making of EP videos with Isaac . cant wait for his song .



Amber Fassett
Orlando, Florida, US

Been loving all the behind the scenes stuff, can't wait for more live streams

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