HTP 50- Got Beef… Under Pink Moonlight

Jun 07, 2024 | HANSON

With all of this to talk about we hope that you enjoy this episode and will chack out all the new music on the Player (Members EP), Streaming (Penny & Me (Moonlight Version)) and Youtube (new Music Video)... but before you do that, enjoy the laughter, fun & Prizes (who will win GAMETIME) of the HANSON TIME PODCAST!!!

Happy Listening!



Reporter: Myka Bertrand

Game Time Contestants: Matt Kristen

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Christina Robles / New Philadelphia, PA, US


You guys made my day love it guys 

Posted Jun 7, 2024   07:05:31 PM


Lauren Angeletta / Longview, TX, US

8 1 1 5 1

Lemu emu… and Doug. I thought I heard they were gonna ask Isaac to be in the next commercial 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted Jun 7, 2024   07:59:04 PM

Well after this Taylor better on the electric guitar…

Posted Jun 7, 2024   09:01:07 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

I find these boring sorry 

I want the grace unknown podcasts back 

Posted Jun 7, 2024   09:04:13 PM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

Well after this Taylor better on the electric guitar…

It will not be the "Underneath Experience" otherwise 

Posted Jun 7, 2024   09:19:45 PM


Chelsea Bowman / Georgetown, KY, US

You guys really know how to enhance a road trip! Loved it all… soooo beefy! See ya in Syracuse!

Posted Jun 7, 2024   10:05:26 PM

The biggest difference between this FIFTIETH edition and the others was.. no weather forecast 

Posted Jun 8, 2024   01:04:07 AM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

4 2

One of my favourite things about being a member is HTP - their murmuring voices (the guys sound so good even just talking! 😄), banter and jokes followed by bursts of laughter. I was really curious to hear the answers to the questions the reporter asked, and even want to give Lauren Hill a go.

The highlight - Taylor googling the answer and his guilty confession 😅

Posted Jun 8, 2024   10:13:30 AM

Thanks for the opportunity, guys. I had so much fun getting to spend my lunch break with yall. :)

Posted Jun 8, 2024   10:23:04 AM


Andrea Hardy / Rindge, NH, US

Great job Myka!!!! I really enjoyed the interview :)

Posted Jun 8, 2024   11:22:54 AM


Dianna Wescott / Grove, OK, US

Yall cracked me up! I needed that laugh after work yesterday. Thank you for being you! 🤣🤩

Posted Jun 8, 2024   12:42:54 PM


Lauren Szego / Queens, NY, US

Love that Myka mentioned Shovels & Rope. Hope the guys will check them out. They're from my hometown, Charleston SC. Maybe they can join their festival one year- High Water. Fingers crossed. ;)

Posted Jun 9, 2024   08:13:28 AM


Lindsey Karvonen / MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, US


Myka, THANK YOU FOR ASKING ABOUT TAYLOR ON ELECTRIC GUITAR!! This is my biggest Hanson bucket list check and I've never been able to ask them about it. You are the best!

Posted Jun 9, 2024   02:25:41 PM

I can't wait to hear underneath live!!!!!

Posted Jun 9, 2024   09:00:30 PM


22 2

I love the part where they talk about full albums and what a beautiful art that is.  Great question!

Posted Jun 10, 2024   10:40:57 AM


Nichole Talarczyk / Plano, Texas, US

i love this simple joy- thanks for giving us some insight to the men behind the band.... 

Posted Jun 10, 2024   02:44:05 PM

Another episode full of goofiness love it 🙂 counting crows August and everything after is definitely one of those albums isaac 🙂  one I would choose would be Jeff Buckley's Grace album x unfortunately I won't get to the tour as it in the US however it was the underneath tour 20years ago I got to see hanson for the first time in Ireland and then the next 2 years after that so this is definitely not an era in my life that I will forget 🙂 thanks again x

Posted Jun 14, 2024   01:49:31 PM

Great interview Myka! I love that you asked about Shovels and Rope, they are friends of ours and I think the guys would love their sound!

Posted Jun 20, 2024   12:18:10 PM


Jamee Hershberger / Mount Vernon, OH, US

I'm making it by in the pink moonlight from Ohio this evening!

Posted Jun 21, 2024   09:22:14 PM

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