Beyond Perennial Concert Streaming Ticket - How To Watch The Stream

May 16, 2024 | Admin

Streaming Ticket How To

Login to with your username that purchased the ticket. Open the event page from the calendar by clicking the read more button and you will have access to the Beyond Perennial Concert Stream.  You must be logged in under your usernamen that was used to purchase the ticket to have access to the concert.


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Valerie Wing / Red Bluff, CA, US


Easy peasy, Thank you.  I know tech never seems to stand still, but it still surprises me to learn that a particular page on Hnet (in this case the Perennial Concert page) can recognize that this Member paid for the concert, and that one did not.

Posted May 16, 2024   11:04:58 PM

That’s great, thank you! 

Can you confirm how long the stream will be looping for over the weekend please? (I know this may have already been posted but think I could have missed it!) 

Posted May 17, 2024   12:51:04 AM


Paola Rizzato / Glasgow, Scotland, GB


Thank you for the instructions, I couldn't remember how I did it last year and I'm not even sure if the system has changed since then. 

Posted May 17, 2024   02:42:47 AM

can  we watch  it  on heei c ant  mem  ber  wheret ot to   find i temail

Posted May 17, 2024   06:09:15 AM

doun eedth eus er nameub u y ed itwi th ih peigo t th atto  o  r  c  anw j ust  watc i t

Posted May 17, 2024   06:12:46 AM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Sorry where do I go to see the event page little confused 

Posted May 17, 2024   06:20:39 AM


Jim Carroll / Valrico, Florida, US

1 1 1

As awesome as it is seeing the stream live, I also respect accepting that the history of technical difficulties justifies choosing to simply stream later in the evening with the significantly increased likelihood of stream working correctly. 

At least those of us outside of Tulsa will be watching it together for the first time, so that is kinda cool

Posted May 17, 2024   07:17:06 AM

Hallo, I have purchased the stream, but I can’t see where it will be, I went through the calendar and looked at the page nothing looks like a stream window. 

Posted May 17, 2024   10:15:01 AM


Samantha Stewart / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Same I can’t see anything that says “read more” 

Posted May 17, 2024   10:18:52 AM


Christina Marinelli / Youngstown, OH, US

It never fails a Hanson concert always stresses me out! Lol Streaming or live! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ 

Posted May 17, 2024   10:28:34 AM


Sara Artabazon / Midlothian, VA, US

So excited.bit streams on my wedding anniversary and it doesn't air until after bed time for the kiddos! Win win mommy gets some Hanson time alone. Woot woot.

Posted May 17, 2024   10:43:05 AM


Erin Bullard / Campbell, California, US

I don't see anything to watch the Stream yet. 

Posted May 17, 2024   10:43:31 AM


Ellen Demitraszek / Holly Springs, NC, US

To be sure, if we want to watch the stream we need to buy a ticket even if we attended the concert in person, right?

Posted May 17, 2024   11:15:19 AM


The concert will be listed in the CALENDAR section.


6:00 PM CDT

The READ MORE link won’t show up until it’s near time for the concert to start. If you’re in a different time zone, you’ll have to plan accordingly. 

Posted May 17, 2024   11:39:22 AM


Hilary Rooney / TROY, NY, US

How do you access it tomorrow though? I would like to watch it right on time but idk if I'll be able to this year.

Posted May 17, 2024   11:51:32 AM


Amanda Wade / Charlotte, NC, US

Thank you!

Posted May 17, 2024   12:02:22 PM


"How do you access it tomorrow though?"

It will loop for 48 hours. You'il be able to find it in the ARCHIVE section.Just scroll down 'til you see it and then click READ MORE.

Posted May 17, 2024   12:30:55 PM


Hilary Rooney / TROY, NY, US

Thanks 😊

Posted May 17, 2024   01:00:32 PM


Emily Zito / Dover, Ohio, US

So even if we are a paying fan club member, we have to “pay” to watch the “members” stream??

Posted May 17, 2024   01:15:09 PM


"So even if we are a paying fan club member, we have to “pay” to watch the “members” stream??"

The Member's stream is free. (That's Sunday night.) ...There's a charge for tonight's "Beyond Perennial" concert, both for online and in-person fans.

Posted May 17, 2024   01:19:55 PM


Just FYI, the CALENDAR page now says this when you click READ MORE:

"The Beyond Perennial concert will stream tonight at 10PM Central Time roght here. Check back closer to the show."

So, apparently the show won't be ready to watch until 10:00PM Central Time.

Posted May 17, 2024   05:23:45 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

I see that we at home won't be able to watch the show until 10pm CT and wondered how long we had to stream it? I won't be able to watch it all, if any that late as I have to be up at 3:30am 🥴

Posted May 17, 2024   05:28:54 PM


It will loop for 48 hours.

Posted May 17, 2024   05:32:34 PM

ise it but theres  no    v ideo  or link y e t  i t s  n ear the    show time right

Posted May 17, 2024   05:37:47 PM



The concert will be listed in the CALENDAR section.


10:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time)

Click READ MORE when it gets close to the time. (I'm not sure, but I think maybe you're in a different time zone.)

The concert will loop for 48 hours, so you can watch it at another time, or again if you want to.

Posted May 17, 2024   06:00:22 PM

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