HTP 47- 30 Dollar Slide Whistle (Hanson Time Podcast)

Mar 01, 2024 | HANSON

 The guys take questions from a Member about the coming 2024 Members EP, Isaac and Taylor go head to head in Game TIme and there is music from BTTI 2024 and so much more.

Hope you all enjoy this episode.

Happy listening!




Reporter: Sara Lepelis

Game Time Contestants: Ryan Schwartz & Evi Hanbauer

Forum Comments

Great questions Sara!

I'd be curious to hear what the other potential EP names were once the title is officially announced! Also, all I'm singing in my head is Cascada's 'Every Time We Touch' lol, so I can't wait to hear what the Hanson one sounds like.

Posted Mar 1, 2024   01:19:33 PM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

They should call it Time Isn't Real But This EP Is

Posted Mar 1, 2024   01:23:35 PM

awesome hanson loveu guys 1 fanmy mom  watching usohappy

Posted Mar 1, 2024   02:18:30 PM


hmmm cannibalism.. maybe not as the ep name though 😝

Posted Mar 1, 2024   02:27:07 PM

Cool interview 

Posted Mar 1, 2024   02:28:39 PM

Nice to hear it still on Friday night (it's 10.30 here) rather than having to wait until 3AM for it

Posted Mar 1, 2024   02:29:44 PM

Great episode and questions! 

Posted Mar 1, 2024   02:38:20 PM


Gina Martino / New Milford, NJ, US

officially listening to my first htp solely because of sara! ☺️

Posted Mar 1, 2024   03:31:42 PM


Hey, I won trivia! Thanks, Isaac! And to answer their question, I'm a HE... from New York CITY. 🤣

Posted Mar 1, 2024   03:34:21 PM


Rosa Torres / Norman, OK, US

Great job Sara!

@Gina, does this mean you're going to go further down the HTP rabbit hole? 

Also, wouldn't it be AMAZING if they play the slowed down version of Runaway Run in 2025 for the TTA anniversary ...A girl can dream! 

Posted Mar 1, 2024   04:40:40 PM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

I sort my legos by color I may reconsider that 🤪

Posted Mar 1, 2024   06:03:10 PM


Fanny Poppy / Paris, Ile de france, FR

Cant wait to the « everytime we touch » song 🤣 by the way Always very nice to listen to these reporters interviews 🙂

Posted Mar 1, 2024   06:06:12 PM

Thanks everyone for the love! It was so much fun and I was honored for the opportunity!

Posted Mar 1, 2024   06:37:19 PM

Wait—they’re doing something new w beer? My mmmhops bottles are lonely! Never sort LEGO by color—that’s the biggest rookie move ever (and my biggest regret lol)!

Posted Mar 1, 2024   06:47:53 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US

13 3 2

Yard sale at Isaac's house!

Posted Mar 1, 2024   08:38:35 PM

Runaway Run was amazing. It's not often that I sit and sing to songs on the phone, but it was my MOEY entry song and it's a favourite.

Posted Mar 1, 2024   09:15:36 PM


Erin Carmiel / Park Ridge, NJ, US

Proud of you, Sar!!!!

Posted Mar 2, 2024   06:44:52 AM

Love it !

Posted Mar 2, 2024   09:33:02 AM


Céline Bernard / Saint-germain de vibrac, Charente-Maritime, FR

Love this episode! So much fun listening to it! Can't wait for the next one! 

Posted Mar 2, 2024   10:58:30 AM


Bonnie Hagan / Athens, AL, US

Not been able to listen yet, but super excited to hear all the news, music,  and silliness!

Posted Mar 2, 2024   03:22:07 PM


Débora Karine / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, BR

Great questions Sara! Love this episode...Runaway❤️❤️🥺

Posted Mar 3, 2024   12:54:26 PM

"Time warp" for a potential name for the new EP??? Regardless of its name we all know it'll be great 🙂 it's great as a fan knowing that every year we are continuously getting to hear new music,something always to look forward to so thank you 💙 another great podcast x

Posted Mar 3, 2024   03:53:23 PM


If only I'd get 30 dollars for every time I read this as "30 DOLLAR SIDE HUSTLE" 

Time's Up
If they call it S.C. it's 100% a mic drop. 

Great questions Sara! I really liked the one about the personal songs! I stopped doing whatever I was doing, held my breath.... and then I think it was only Taylor who sort of answered it before the subject drifted (un)intentionally elsewhere 🤣

Posted Mar 4, 2024   09:47:56 AM

I was having fun listening to it, then Isaac quoted a Jordan Peterson book. 😞

Posted Mar 4, 2024   12:23:26 PM


Great episode! Runaway Run at the end ❤️

Posted Mar 4, 2024   03:16:04 PM

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