HANSON: What a way to finish

Nov 10, 2022 | HANSON

We are three shows into our Australian tour and having an absolute blast! Yes, we are all still jet lagged, but that is not stopping us from loving every show and enjoying all the sights and sounds of Perth and Sydney. 
The welcome has had been so warm, and the crowds so ruckus, even when we are tired, walking on stage to the sounds of the Aussie cheers hits you with an amazing jolt of energy and you forget anything but the joy of playing!
This is a special week, not just because it is the final week of the RGB tour, but also because we will be celebrating the emerald man himself as Isaac will turn 42 on the 17th, (our second show in Melbourne). It can be hard to be far away from home, but there is also nothing on earth like the sound of two thousand people breaking into happy birthday! It's just something you don’t ever forget. 
Thank you to everyone who has come out so far. Next stop Adelaide!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

It amazes me how much engery you 3 really have it’s incredible. Wow sounds like good times out there ! Cute how u called Isaac the emerald man crazy to think he will be 42 wow ! your Next stop is Adelaide sounds a lot like Annalie  thanks for sharing with us as always you guys are the best keep on rocking out ! ❤️💚💙

Posted Nov 10, 2022   06:29:27 PM

Welcome to Sydney, cant get to a show this time, but i hope you enjoy your stay.

Posted Nov 10, 2022   06:54:53 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

anyone else still blocking out 2020 as a whole and was really confused about ike being 42? just me? okay....

Posted Nov 10, 2022   07:13:13 PM


DANIELA CAPITANI / Santos, São Paulo, BR

Seems like you guys really like to celebrate birthdays with the fans energy!! 

I hope you guys have lots of fun at this last shows!

Posted Nov 10, 2022   07:14:38 PM


Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

@ASHLEY1984 ❤️


Posted Nov 10, 2022   07:20:22 PM


Samantha Stewart / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

You guys are so amazing! The energy and enthusiasm you exude at every show despite jet lag and fatigue! 

Melbourne will show you a very happy birthday Isaac 🎉


Posted Nov 10, 2022   07:30:00 PM


TATIANE CRUZ / Uberlândia, MG, BR


Definitely you are the best band, even tired of the road and all the trips always with great affection to the public.  Thank you for that my admiration for you as a band and humans only increases.

Posted Nov 10, 2022   07:44:10 PM


Ike and his caipirinhas ☺️🍹

Posted Nov 10, 2022   08:15:26 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US



Posted Nov 10, 2022   08:43:24 PM


Love the cute collage!

Posted Nov 10, 2022   10:36:23 PM

Hope you have an amazing time, and a Happy Birthday Isaac! 🎉

Posted Nov 11, 2022   12:39:24 AM


Erica Blanco / São Paulo, SP, BR

You are wonderful and blessed to be able to bring happiness to all the fans around the world 🌎 🙌🏽

Happy Birthday Isaac! 💚

Posted Nov 11, 2022   01:10:05 AM

Thank you for an amazing show in Sydney. It was amazing hearing you call my name out at the end of the show. Still not sure what happens but it was a big surprise that’s for sure. It was amazing seeing my friends from Melbourne at the show too. 

Posted Nov 11, 2022   02:14:59 AM

Thanks for a great time in Sydney miss 9 had a blast at her first show! So glad you finally got your bottles (sorry they are all red but hey Tay will love his) I made them for string theory tour so they had been from Tasmania and back twice! Haha I wasn’t hanging onto them longer. I hope they help keep you all hydrated back home maybe studio bottles? See you next week in Melbourne for Ike’s Bday, I’m pumped!

Posted Nov 11, 2022   03:30:52 AM

I had the best time on Wednesday with you guys, it was such a high energy and fun filled night! Hadn't enjoyed myself that much in ages, lol.

I hope it's not too long till you can come back to Sydney!

All the best with the rest of your tour! xo

Posted Nov 11, 2022   04:15:11 AM


Miss you guys already!! Incredible show in Sydney, as always. Hope you’re enjoying your time in our beautiful country. All the best for the rest of the tour & safe trip home. 

Until next time ❤️💚💙

Posted Nov 11, 2022   05:10:31 AM

Come on, Melbourne! Give Ike the best birthday you can!!! ♥ 42 springs are nothing.

Posted Nov 11, 2022   07:06:39 AM


Flora Faro / Belém, Pará, BR

Hey Guys! 

I miss you here in Brazil, but also feel so proud of how far you've come. Literally! 

Enjoy your time because you do deserve it.

Posted Nov 11, 2022   08:17:42 AM

Jet lag sucks. Once you're used to the new time zone, you have to come back and it's jet lag all over again lol

I can't believe the tour is almost over. It feels like it's been both long and short at the same time.

Posted Nov 11, 2022   09:22:11 AM


Bonnie Hagan / Athens, AL, US

Awesome!   Wish I were down under too!   

Happy Birthday,  Isaac!🎂💚🎸

Posted Nov 11, 2022   01:08:41 PM


Janice Ward / Thurgoona, New South Wales, AU

The Sydney show was so fun, I haven't stopped thinking about it!!... So I just booked a ticket for the forum! Guess I'll be seeing you in Melbourne after all 🙃😅  

You guys are doing so much, Hope you guys are enjoying some downtime too! Looking forward to next week! 😊☀️

Posted Nov 11, 2022   07:36:34 PM

congrats guys tay  my  hero happy bithday ike

Posted Nov 11, 2022   10:05:59 PM



Amazing Concert in Adelaide Last Night - Cannot Wait for the Next one

How do you do the Pin Check in as I tried and I could not get it to work?

Posted Nov 13, 2022   03:40:33 AM

The check in wouldn't work for me in Adelaide. It kept saying to wait till I was closer to the venue. I was standing in the front row 😂 I tried for an hour with no success. My location was turned on. ❤️💚💙

Posted Nov 13, 2022   10:37:07 PM


Bring on Melbourne Wednesday night . 

You guys amazing in Adelaide.  And John was awesome too.

Unfortunately I become a member too late to enter meet and greet.

Keep having fun and be safe. 

Posted Nov 14, 2022   03:21:37 AM

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