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Apr 15, 2022 | HANSON

Man are we feeling blue… but in a great way! Today is release day for single number three from RGB, the song Don’t Let Me Down. There are so many cool things about today, As the third single, fans can now see a more complete picture of what Red, Green, and Blue really is as we anticipate the May release of the full RGB album at the end of May. Don’t Let Me Down also has three very special collaborations. 1. Zach Myers.  His guitars were the final piece to the puzzle when recording DLMD and the joy of hearing his musical ideas added more than just guitars. 2. Mac Hanson. When it was decided that the Don’t Let Me Down video would dive headlong into humor, there was only one person for the job. We put Mac in the driver's seat as director, and laughed from treatment to final edit. 3. Frankie Muniz. We have been good friends for two decades, but getting to watch Frankie make every joke better, through his perfect timing was instantly unforgettable and the perfect expression of how we hope you will all feel when you hear this new song, and watch the music video.
Red Green Blue is so many things, it is a statement about three Men, about a Band, about longevity, but is was also a labor of love filled with joy and sorrow and everything in between. We hope the journey so far from Child At Heart to Write You A Song, and now to Don’t Let Me Down, has left you wanting more, excited for what comes next, and thrilled to share the coming world tour with us and all the people that make up your life. 2022 is set to be a great year.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB

It's SO good 😂💙

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:06:24 PM

I LOVED the video. Great job guys!

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:13:12 PM


Kaylei Smith / Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

I loved the video!💙💙💙 I laughed my head off 😂🤣 So much fun! Cannot wait to hear the rest of RGB. You guys never disappoint me with all the amazing music and things you three do. So incredibly thankful to be a fan for 25 years now 🤗❤️💚💙

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:14:45 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Its a wonderful video Cracked me up that's for sure. Cant wait to hear the rest of the New album you never will get old or boring you are the best band ever great work on the new video

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:24:09 PM


Rachel Wilburn / Indianapolis, IN, US

Best video ever. Period 🤣

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:34:23 PM



Zac didn't let me down... All the guy were awesome !! Well done

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:36:33 PM


Carrie Gilbert / Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA

I love this video so much! 💙💙💙

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:41:11 PM

I love the song! I love the video! Very eighties! Made me smile!!! Made my day!!! Great job all! 💙🥰💙

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:47:51 PM


Zac, you said it perfectly…Taylor made us cry,🥲 Isaac made us smile,😁 and Zac made us laugh!!!😂 LOVE the new Amazing song,💙 and the hilarious video!!!!!💙💙💙 I always, ALWAYS Love your performance videos, and now I am Loving your story videos!!!!!❤️💚💙 All three of you have Serious acting skills and your facial expressions in DLMD were Brilliant!!!!🤩🤩🤩 Thank you Zac, for a new favorite song & video, for the excellent references to CAH & WYAS, for the genius comedy in every aspect of your fantastic video!!!!😂💙(and thanks to Mac🤩) “Assistant Trainer to the Assistant Trainer in Training”.🤣  Great job!!!!💙💙💙😍🤩

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:51:26 PM

Ah, this is AWESOME! Love the new song and video so much! It´s so much fun to watch! Very well done guys!!! :)

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:52:32 PM


Marcela Bianchini / Rio Claro, SP, BR

Love it! 💙 And the references to the previous videos are fun surprises!

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:53:41 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

AMAZING and very creative 💛💙

Posted Apr 15, 2022   12:54:34 PM


Eymmy Silva / Belém, PA, BR

Loved the video and the references to Child At Heart and Write You a Song ❤💚💙

Posted Apr 15, 2022   02:05:03 PM


Rebecca Trubee / Marshfield, WI, US

Still laughing as I re-watch the video.  Hilarious video, significant attention to detail, & substantial acting by all.  Kudos to all those involved! 👏🏻 

Starting to feel the rush to workout & to this song!🤔 That 🎸rock though!


Posted Apr 15, 2022   02:50:17 PM


Danielle Roseberry / Duson, LA, US


WOOOHOOOO  BLUE💙  GO ZAC!  .... (Looking good Tay 🌹 )  LOVED IT!  Good Job on all three so far,  guys.... Definitely didn't let us down! Excited for more!!!!

Posted Apr 15, 2022   03:22:48 PM

This was fun! 😄

And I love how it tied Child At Heart and Write You a Song in as well. Well done everyone involved. 👏🏻

Posted Apr 15, 2022   03:38:53 PM

loved how it referd child heart to oh my god amazing hanson the best to ever songs tro in rgb i cant wait for tour yeh to yeh tay hot to  yes

Posted Apr 15, 2022   05:29:50 PM


Crystal Formica / Springfield, Ohio, US

This was so well done. So enjoyable. and the spirit of RGB and Hanson is in full force. I love all the collaborations. amazing!

Posted Apr 15, 2022   06:12:44 PM


Jodee Wheeler / Salem, OR, US


My new work out anthem!! Can’t wait to see you rock it in Portland!!!

Posted Apr 15, 2022   06:46:05 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


Rocking song - hysterical video - what a way to start the weekend!

Thank you Zac!

Posted Apr 15, 2022   08:36:27 PM

Awesoooome omg! Somebody give Zac an Oscar...and the whole cast 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Posted Apr 15, 2022   09:32:46 PM


Nathalia Felix / Orlando, FL, US

2 1

Hey guys, keep making music videos like this!  I loved all three!

Posted Apr 16, 2022   12:37:23 AM

2 1 1

Am I entitled to a free 12 month membership to Dum Bells Gym..? @zachanson 🤣 

Posted Apr 16, 2022   03:04:53 AM

It was so fun!!

Posted Apr 16, 2022   03:09:18 AM


Eymmy Silva / Belém, PA, BR

I actually can't wait!!!

Posted Apr 16, 2022   01:06:07 PM

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