HANSON: Drowning In Vintage Instruments

Oct 29, 2021 | HANSON

It is a good day when you get to do something you love, and this last two weeks in the studio have been an absolute pleasure! When you immerse yourself in the tools of your craft, amazing things happen and we are just drowning in vintage instruments. Need a vintage drum set? OK, we have 60’s Ludwig drums for days. Timpani? Voila! Want a triangle? Try 12. Tambourine? We have thirty! Piano? Grand upright, tack piano, CP70… should I keep going? Vibraphone? Yes please! We can’t wait to share our work, but first we have to finish it and that won’t happen for a couple more months. What we can share is you will be getting more new music in 2022, and we are approaching it in a way we never have before.
This week is our final week of HNet Explorer V. If you played along all month or just during a week or two, we hope you have had a blast, cause lord knows we did making the game up and we are already looking forward to the next game. If you are a Hanson.net member and still haven’t finished this week's scavenger hunt, keep an eye out, cause this week we included a secret Pin, so you have the chance to add two PINs to your collection if you play by Monday. Much more soon.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

I have been enjoying all 3 of you posting more on Instagram! It is nice to get tiny glimpses into your world right now in studio. 

I truly enjoyed the explorer! It was fun, challenging and yet another thing to look forward to. Thank you guys for everything you do for your fans! 

Can’t wAit to hear Fearless!! (Quick livestream … in studio or Instagram live … when it is released please maybe  🙏🏻). 

Posted Oct 29, 2021   06:07:25 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


I can’t wait but I am a little confused 

Posted Oct 29, 2021   06:34:58 PM


I agree with all that JNEWELL just said!😊 I hope you guys know how much we appreciate everything you do for us!!!😊 EVERYTHING…your amazing music, incredible videos, your individual unique personalities, your other talents you share, messages on HNet, HTP, Explorer, Archives, Instagram or Facebook posts, YouTube, etc…You uplift and inspire us, and bring a great deal of fun to our days; we are truly grateful for the joy you bring to the world!!!🥰 Thank you!!!🥰❤️😊

Posted Oct 29, 2021   06:42:07 PM

i cant wait yessss tyour tour to pray im in nursing home i want to se my dad to tay my hero

Posted Oct 29, 2021   06:43:02 PM


Forgot to mention the most important thing you share with us that we are grateful for…your brotherly love,(and fun you have together😂) and the love you have for your families and extended family!!!😊 It warms our hearts to see, and makes us hold our own loved ones closer!!!😊  Thank you again for sharing such joy!!!🥰❤️😊

Posted Oct 29, 2021   06:52:08 PM

I’m thoroughly enjoying all the pics and videos and it definitely makes me excited to see what’s ahead!❤️

Posted Oct 29, 2021   06:56:05 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US

I have to say, the short video clip of Fearless has me all kinds of excited!! I can't wait!! I also can't wait for what's to come looking to 2022!! 

Posted Oct 29, 2021   07:10:30 PM


So, from accordions to zithers, you apparently have it all at your disposal. Does this mean we might hear some unusual instrumentation on this new project? I’m interested to find out what the “new approach to music” means, too, or is this just about going digital with next year’s EP? 

The h.net Explorer has been fun. I love a good mystery to figure out. (I’m looking forward to the next one!)

Happy Halloween! Hope you have a ghoulishly good time! 🎃💀👻🍫🦇🧛🏻‍♂️🍬🧟‍♂️👀🍭

Posted Oct 29, 2021   07:17:05 PM


Tammie Firkins / Midlothian, Texas, US

Can’t wait for what’s to come! Enjoyed playing HNet Explorer, and will miss it, (until next time?) Thanks for all you do! ❤️

Posted Oct 29, 2021   07:22:24 PM


Kara Brock / Thackerville, Ok, US


This month was my first month playing hnet explorer and I loved every week of it. Can't wait for the new music. You three are so amazing to your fans and we truly appreciate everything you do for us.  Can't wait for Hanson Day 2022. 

Posted Oct 29, 2021   07:42:44 PM


Chris Miller / Meadville, PA, US


So glad that you guys are feeling inspired in the studio for a lengthy recording session.  

Posted Oct 29, 2021   08:11:30 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I'm excited for new music I'm sure it will sound great when it's done and thanks for the surprise shipment notification today you guys are the best thank you for probably the 20th time for what you do for us

Posted Oct 29, 2021   08:13:59 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Oh and I enjoyed HNet Explorer this month it was really fun I'm so glad it will be a part of Hanson Days next week Isaac  has me calling it Hanson Days now and thanks for all the pictures on Instagram and all the live videos

Posted Oct 29, 2021   08:18:29 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

I enjoyed the explorer game I love getting new pins and can’t wait to hear all the new music next year (something I can look forward to) I been seeing the posts you all been sharing on Instagram I appreciate what you guys and all of the team have done this year so thank you to all 

Posted Oct 29, 2021   08:18:40 PM

So excited for the new music, I hope you all are having a blast in the studio! 

Posted Oct 29, 2021   08:19:07 PM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor , Pennsylvania , US

This was my 1st time hnet explorer. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the new music. I’m excited to hear Fearless. I can’t believe we are on the last song already. It’s been awesome getting new music and new music videos every month. ❤️

Posted Oct 29, 2021   08:25:35 PM

Love it!

Posted Oct 29, 2021   11:40:28 PM

Thanks for everything!! This was my first foray into the Hnet Explorer games, and I really loved it. I’ve been a fan for many years, but I just became a member this year (thanks, pandemic)!! It has been so very worth it. Rock on 🤘🏻 

Posted Oct 30, 2021   12:17:24 AM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Great news all around excited about the new single Fearless :) its going to be a smash, you guys are the best keep up the amazing work, 

Posted Oct 30, 2021   12:54:45 AM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

I'm so excited for this! i know it's going to be amazingly awesome! 😊 ❤ 💛

Posted Oct 30, 2021   01:23:34 AM


Annie Hill / Prague, Prague, CZ

Oh this sounds so good. I can't believe there is the Vth week of the H.net explorer game, I am so excited. I thought they would just be four. That is great news!

And yeah, the music, I can't wait to listen to it

Posted Oct 30, 2021   05:16:59 AM

Thanks for all you're doing here and on Instagram to entertain us and make our days more hopeful and suspance-filled. 

Posted Oct 30, 2021   08:26:55 AM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US

Can't wait for new music and the tour. It'll be an awesome 2022. ❤️🎤🎧🥁🎸🎹🎵🎶

Posted Oct 30, 2021   09:14:20 AM

I'm looking forward to the addition of the vintage instruments.

I hope to hear a sitar or theremin in the mix too, those have such great vintage and distinct sounds.

Posted Oct 30, 2021   01:14:08 PM


Julie Marion / Huntsville, AR, US

Just can't wait!!!! 

Posted Oct 30, 2021   02:05:46 PM

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