When Will We Know?

Feb 11, 2017 | ZacHanson

We have been talking about this stuff for a while, but we are now nearing the finish line.  

Back To The Island 2017

  • We have taken all the members feedback into concideration looking at things members like, and things they didn't, and weighing them all against what we would like to do.  I think we have come to a great conclusion on things like what resort, guests and what kind of activitys. We will be announcing all the details next Firday the 17th so keep an eye out for next weeks newsletter and updates on H.net about that.

World Tour 2017

  • It is always suprising how much work goes into planning a tour that goes all over the world, but we have very nearly done it.  It is not going to make everyone happy... because nothing ever does, but we will be visiting a lot of places and getting close to as many people as we can.  This tour will be a little different because we will not have a brand new album, but instead be focused on representing music from all throughout the career, more on that soon. With any luck we will be announcing the world tour some time in March.


  • This is our 25th year as a band, so we really want HANSON Day to be an esspecially great weekend of events.  We will be creating new music for the Hanson.net community and releasing it at HANSON Day, but we also want to add a few things to the weekends programming to highlight that we have a long history together.  We are working on finalizing events now and plan to announce more details at the end of this month.  As always Hanson.net members can RSVP in the calender secation.  Most of the events like the gallery and concert are free to Hanson.net members, some events like Lectures and Karaoke require a ticket to be purchased through the Hanson.net store.

2017 Members EP

  • The 2017 members EP is in the planning phase still.  We have been throwing around musical concepts and sharing song ideas, but have yet to set a recording date as we are till in the final stages of the new Christmas album.  We will share footage from the making of just as soon as we start the whole making of part.  Stay tuned announcments about some time in February or March.

Ok that is what i have for this moment.


Forum Comments



Time flies.  Today is the 13th.  You'd better not forget what day tomorrow is.  (I'm sure your wife will remind you.)  Anyway, thank you for the update, Dr. Evil,...er...I mean Zac!  

Posted Feb 13, 2017   04:05:39 PM


Florencia Ortiz / Buenos aires, Buenos aires, AR

Can we just flash forward till march? i want the tour datesss! Hope you can come to Argentina! 

Posted Feb 13, 2017   04:57:55 PM


Lynsi Martin / Essington, PA, US

6 2 3 2 1 2 3 3

Zac you are as far from Dr. Evil as anyone can possibly be, although you did just recently mention something about world domination. Are there going to be "lasers" at Hanson Day? Perhaps laser tag?! lol... Thanks for the update!!!!

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:02:55 PM

oh my goshhhhhh march oh my goshhh hanson

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:05:22 PM

march yess thnak u ive had an hard time to thank u

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:05:39 PM


Sarah Ashe / Auckland , New Zealand, NZ

I'm hanging out for the march world tour announcement! So excited! I'm hoping we are in there somewhere (NZ) but, I will understand if not....my fingers and toes are crossed though, REALLY crossed! *so nervous* 

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:12:09 PM

 and maybe rochester  ny to or ohio to yess hanson i love you guys.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:16:35 PM

So many announcements! So much to get excited about! It sounds like it's going to be a busy year for you guys. Looking forward to what's ahead!

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:17:31 PM


Carrie Nairn / Hagerstown , Maryland , US


I hope they as many places as they can MD and Penn .  definitely need them . they completely skipped Maryland and pa on the RN R tour . my closest was Cleveland Oh on a work night . 

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:44:25 PM


Paola Rizzato / Glasgow, Scotland, GB


Expect Frenzy on the Forums.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:46:25 PM


Cecilia Carvalho / Fortaleza, Ceara, BR

I hope world tour includes South America (:

Can't wait for all the exciting news.

May can't come fast enough!! So excited for my first HDay!! Yay!

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:49:04 PM

I love you guys!  :)

Posted Feb 13, 2017   05:57:10 PM


Alison Jovine / Valensole, Alpes de Haute Provence, FR

We need to be a little more patient!!!!! Can't wait for the march world tour announcement. European dates could be the best birthday gift I could receive. Thanks for updating Zac.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:01:58 PM

This movie was on tv this weekend and it reminded me of how much I hated it lol. But good for the announcements coming soon lol.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:02:39 PM


Arielle Marcum / Enterprise, Oregon, US

Thanks for the update Zac. 

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:09:17 PM


Jackie Boos / Roanoke, Texas, US

Whew! I am exhausted just reading all of the stuff you are going to announce, so I'm sure you guys are exhausted planning it all, let alone actually doing it! I hope you leave in some time for yourselves and your wives for tomorrow! Thanks for the update!

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:23:13 PM

Did anyone else read the subject line of this post to the tune of "How Will I Know?" by Whitney Houston? "#isayaprayerwithEV-eryHEARTbeat

Fingers crossed for Philly. My first several Hanson concerts were all PA venues (Hersheypark, Tower, American Music Theatre, Crocodile Rock) but I haven't been back for a show of theirs for almost 10 years.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:27:18 PM


sandy monnerat / Châlons-en-Champagne, Champagne-Ardenne, FR

meri pour la mise à jour Zac !!! je vais devoir prendre mon mal en patience pour ce qui est de la tournée mais je continue d'espérer que vous viendrez nous voir en France. biz

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:29:26 PM


Kirsten Slaney / Watford, On, CA

1 2

Cool,  thanks for the update!  

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:43:02 PM

Did anyone else read the subject line of this post to the tune of "How Will I Know?" by Whitney Houston? "#isayaprayerwithEV-eryHEARTbeat

I totally did. 

Good to know to be on the lookout in March for tour stuff!

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:48:13 PM

Can't make everyone happy -- I presume that means there can't be a show in every state of the US or every country in Europe.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:48:49 PM

Actually, of all of these announcements I am most excited about the member EP annoncement. I kind of hope we'll get a LIVE stream from Tulsa this year though... ie not recorded and played back. I do know that last year the wifi connections didn't allow for it, so I'm not complaining.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:51:42 PM


... I can't wait! 

Posted Feb 13, 2017   06:58:53 PM


Suze Robertson / Dallas, TX, US

Yup me to ....totally started singing Hooooww willlll I knnnnoooowww... #RepWhintey 

Posted Feb 13, 2017   07:56:43 PM

21 1 5 1 3

Well we know they aren't taking it easy this year with all the plans they are working on. It will be interesting to see where this tour goes and how many of us will need to travel a distance to see them again.

Hopefully it brings back some fans from the early years and they will check out what Hanson has been doing the past 20 years.

Posted Feb 13, 2017   08:22:18 PM

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