ShopSavvy 4.0.5 on Android Released

Android owners are really going to appreciate the ShopSavvy 4.0.5 update. There is a dramatic speed increase in the app (especially on the Motorola Droid). Brian and Rylan spent a lot of time optimizing the app – specifically the graphics. They also resolved a few bugs in the barcode scanning function that will speed up scanning and fix the QR code bug. Finally, the live scan feed has been improved so that it doesn’t slow down the phone. Let us know how you like the new update. Download from the market here or scan the QR code to the left.

More Complete Social Integration. ShopSavvy 4 now includes product and list sharing options for Facebook, Twitter and email allowing users to pass along deals to their friends.

Battery Life Improvements. Android users who monitor battery usage will note that ShopSavvy 4 uses just a fraction of the battery life that the original version consumed. (Of course this means we might not get your location as quickly, but we let you add your ZIP – US only – and we will assume you are there until we get your actual location)

App to SD Card. The second most requested feature from Android users was the option to run the page scanner app from the SD card. ShopSavvy 4 gives the user the option of running the app from the device or the SD card.

Search Widget. Many Android users leverage app ‘widgets’ to keep app functionality at their fingertips on the home screen. The new version of ShopSavvy allows users to install a keyword search widget on the home screen. Just type in a product or upc and ShopSavvy will let you know which local and online stores carry the item. (For those of you who have been asking, we turned on the hardware search button found on many newer phones – it now turns on keyword search)

Enhanced Retailer Information. ShopSavvy 4 delivers LOTS of information about the retailers who carry the products user scan. Users can call the store, get driving directions, visit the website or find out the price matching policy of the retailer. See a product cheaper somewhere else? Save gas and just check to see if the store you are standing in will match the lower price you found elsewhere.

User Generated Content. The MOST requested feature from users was the ability to add/edit products. From the picture to the title users wanted to be able to ‘fix’ or customize products. Now any user can edit the product image and title of any product. We have more than 22,000,000 product photos in the system and users are adding more than five a minute. Just click the ‘edit’ button in the top right corner of the product screen. You can also add retailers and prices if you wish – paying it forward to another user who might be shopping for that item in the future.

AdOns. Enhanced product experiences and information is available via our HTML5 sAdOn framework. AdOns leverage video content, Facebook integration and gaming modalities to help users learn about the products they scan. From health tips, allergy alerts, movie/game trailers to reviews – AdOns help create a more complete picture of a particular product.

Writing a story about ShopSavvy on Android (or iPhone)? Here is our presskit. If you want some b-roll video of people using ShopSavvy check out our digital newsroom.

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