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When you’re looking into the various educational options that are available online in the teaching field, you will certainly notice that there isn’t any kind of a “becomes a teacher” program out there that you can take and be done with it. Instead, there are a number of different post-secondary distance education course options, all of which enable you to start working in the education industry in a variety of different positions. Here is an overview of the online education degrees that are out there.

Diploma Programs for Special Education Assistants and Teacher’s Aides – These are shorter programs that are for people that might not either want to earn a full degree, or who would like to get a taste of the educational system before deciding if they want to invest the time and money in a full degree. There are also those who love helping children, but not the responsibility of teaching, whom these programs are perfect for.

The Education Degree – This is the bread and butter of online education degrees, and probably what the majority of people are studying in the field online. This is a bachelor’s degree. There are also shorter associate degree programs which prepare students to buy research papers at a University that will likely help you with beginning to get real world classroom experience. In any case, getting a Bachelor’s degree in education is usually the first step in becoming a teacher.

The Masters in Education – This is a degree for someone who has probably already been a teacher for a number of years. In addition to online education degrees, which are simply a Masters of Education, there are also graduate degrees that are in certain specialties, such as a Masters of Education Administration. These programs are geared towards educating and training principals and superintendents and any others that are going to work within the administration system of our country’s educational infrastructure.

PhD In Education – This is the highest level of online education degrees that you will find. These are typically for study by those who want someday to teach teachers. If your desire is to work at the university level in an educational college helping to train new teachers then this is the kind of degree that you’re going to want to study. In many universities to obtain tenure you are going to need to have completed your Ph.D.

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