Our pepper shop situated in Siem Reap offers a rich selection of premium, certified kampot pepper varieties, encompassing black, red, white, and green salted pepper. Originating from the fertile lands of Kampot, this pepper variety is revered for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor.

Diverse packaging options are available, including traditional palm leaf packaging, convenient pepper mills, and sophisticated tube-cartons. Within the spectrum of pepper varieties – Black, Red, White, and Green – each boasts its own distinct flavor profile and culinary applications. Notably, Red Kampot pepper is often cherished for enhancing dessert creations, while White Kampot pepper impeccably complements fish and seafood dishes, offering subtle hints of citrus, eucalyptus, and anise.

In addition to the pepper varieties,the webpage introduces Kampot salts, sourced through traditional methods from salt flats located south of Kampot. These salts are presented in two forms: coarse salt crystals and the finer, rarer fleur de sel, known for its robust taste.

The Kampot pepper's sourcing is attributed to a family-run Khmer farm, reflecting a commitment to authentic practices and adherence to Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) regulations. The webpage underscores its dedication to fair trade and environmentally conscious approaches, highlighting values that are integral to the sourcing and production of Kampot pepper.

Prospective customers are afforded flexibility when placing orders, with options for varying quantities and an array of packaging solutions, including traditional palm leaf, user-friendly pepper mills, elegant tube-cartons, and exclusive gift boxes that showcase different pepper types.

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