Kira Kryzenske / McFarland, Wisconsin, US


I’m Kira (she/her), 37 years old, living just outside of Madison, WI. In addition to spending time in Eau Claire and small town northwoods Wisconsin, I’ve also called Yosemite National Park (lots and lots of trees equal BIG trees!) and Vicksburg, Mississippi home thanks to being a child of an NPS ranger.

I majored in music in college (UWEC) and I can play flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, tenor/alto/bari saxophone, and tuba/sousaphone with decency.  As in, I don’t play them all on a regular basis, but I am confident enough in my abilities that you could place me in a community band or high school level equivalent and within a couple practices I will have it nailed.  A few other instruments I have experience playing and could pick back up in time.  I’m a sister (alumni) in the music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota.  

Yet, unfortunately job has nothing to do with music. Data entry, updates to accounts, etc. Nothing that exciting, but I don’t mind it;  I like the people I work with, and it pays the bills.

In addition to music, I enjoy art/painting, gardening, fashion, makeup, true crime podcasts (ssdgm), karaoke (warning:  I’m a true instrumentalist, but I sure have fun), traveling, beer/wine, and politics.

Getting divorced after a near ten year marriage, and I’m glad to say good riddance to an emotionally abusive gaslighting loser!  I am a cat mommy of two.  My tuxedo named Edgar, after none other than the great Edgar Allen Poe, and a little black cat, my sweet girl, Queen Lillian, as a nod to the cat loving frontman, Freddie Mercury. 

I’ve been a Hanson fan since 1997.  Beyond just being my favorite band, they are the friends in my headphones, the soundtrack to my life, and their music is my ultimate comfort.  There is absolutely no way to put into words how much their music has meant to me;  I cannot thank Hanson enough;  I would not be who I am without their music in my life - they’ve basically been with me through it all.  ❤️ 

Attended In Person:

  • The Walk Tour - Walk and Concert in Madison, WI (4/12/2008)
  • Musical Ride Tour - Minneapolis, MN (10/2/11)
  • Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI (7/8/2012)
  • Middle of Everywhere Tour - Minneapolis, MN (10/10/17)
  • Milwaukee, WI (12/20/17)
  • Iowa State Fair - Des Moines, IA (8/17/21)
  • Hanson Day 2022
  • RGB Tour - Boston (7/29/2022)
  • RGB Tour - Madison (8/14/2022)
  • RGB Tour - Minneapolis (8/19/2022)
  • BTTI 2023 (1/5/2023-1/9/2023)

Met/Interacted with Hanson:

  • Virtual Meet and Greet (9/4/2021)
  • HTP Episode 22 - Hanson Against the World Player (Recorded 9/13/2021, Posted 9/17/2021)
  • Hanson Day 2022 - Taylor (5/11/22, 5/12/22) & Zac (5/13/22)
  • RGB Tour - Boston (7/29/2022) Isaac
  • RGB Tour - Madison (8/14/2022) Isaac, Taylor, Zac
  • RGB Tour - Minneapolis (8/19/2022) Isaac
  • BTTI 2023 - Zac (1/5/2023, 1/6/2023) Taylor (1/6/23) Isaac (1/6/23, 1/8/23)

Can’t Wait For/Will Be Attending

  • Hanson Day 2023
  • Riverside, IA 5/19
  • BTTI 2024

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