Jessica Peffer / Springville, AL, US

Living life, loving it, and blessed beyond measures! Music is my first love and I love that one of my first (and biggest) musical inspirations is still going. Life gave my musical ride the ultimate cherry on top when my little girl asked if I knew the song Man From Milwaukee and if they ever toured and we could get tickets to a show some time.  It started at a bus stop and ended with a second generation fanson for life. I also homeschool my 2nd gen fanson, which makes planning and hanging out in line all day for concerts, I mean musically related field trips :D, real convenient.  In addition to music, God has blessed me with a huge passion for baking and confections, which has led me down the path of starting an at-home confectionery business.  In my spare time you might find me reading, crafting, working on a new recipe, playing music, cheering on my fave sports team (Roll Tide), watching my fave gymnast do flips (#competitivegnastmomlife) or figuring out what other awesome, exciting adventures we can take and places we can explore as a \"field trip\" ;)

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