Jan Cooney / Indianapolis, IN, US

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As a big fan of live music and an avid concert-goer, I discovered Hanson like most other people, with the release of MON and Mmmbop. I go to a lot of live shows, and it didn\'t take long for Hanson to emerge as my favorite band, mainly because of their MUSIC but also because of their relationship with the fans. I will always love artists like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, but bands like Hanson offer unique and intimate live shows along with many fan opportunities to connect, my favorite being the annual Hanson Day in my home away from home, TULSA. I have seen Hanson more than any other artist--now approaching my 46th show. 

In my personal life, I am married with no children but an aunt to 17. My job offers 182 days off each year, allowing me the freedom to travel when I want. I also live in the great city of Indianapolis, which is about 5 hours or fewer away from just about any place I want to be by car or plane, so traveling to shows is pretty easy. Those who know me best know that I also follow the band OK Go and can\'t wait for Hanson to ask them to play Hop Jam. A girl can dream! 

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