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Mold is one of the worst enemies your home can have. Once growth begins, it can spread and grow on your clothes, furniture, interior surfaces, carpets and sub floors, and many other places.
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Mold growth can also cause deterioration of insulation, peeling paint, stains on the walls and ceilings and ruin the structural integrity of your home through fungal growth and rot.
Mold grows in areas with excess moisture, which can be caused by a variety of factors. If not treated properly and in a timely manner, it could lead to health problems.
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Types of Mold Testing (Sampling)
Surface Sampling: Swab - Sterile swabs are used to collect samples from suspect surfaces. The swab is swiped over the target area and then stored in a buffer solution. After sampling, swabs are packed into an insulated sample chest with ice or frozen gel packs and sent to the laboratory.
Surface Sampling: Tape Lift - Clear AdhHire For Rentve 3M Brand Cellophane tape is used to obtain a sample from a suspect surface. Samples are then sent to the laboratory for analysis.
Air Sampling - The cassette (spore trap) is used for collecting particles floating in the air. Ambient air is pumped (via a vacuum pump) through the tapered inlet slit of the Air-O-Cell Cassette. The cassette contains a collection media, to which particles from the pumped air attach. The cassettes are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.
Bulk Sampling - The removal of wall sections or other suspect items in significant portions is known as bulk sampling. Bulk samples are cut away, placed in plastic bags and sealed. They are then packaged into an insulated sample chest with ice or frozen gel packs and sent to an independent laboratory where they are examined for spores and/or cultured as needed. Bulk sampling is used to help identify organisms growing in porous materials. This type of sampling allows for accurate identification of spores. The spores may be quantified and defined as viable or non-viable. Samples may also be cultured to identify fungus types to the species level.
All samples are sent to an independent laboratory where they are analyzed and examined for spores and/or cultured as needed. These types of sampling are non-destructive and allow for spore identification and quantization. The samples can also be cultured so that the organisms can be speciated.

Post-Remediation Mold Testing (Clearance Testing)

Following fungal remediation, clearance testing/sampling is necessary to ensure that contaminants initially found in areas of concern have been removed and are at acceptable levels for occupants. Along with a visual assessment, surface and IAQ sampling are required to have complete clearance of an area(s) per industry standards. A certificate of clearance is issued in an area(s) that passes the clearance testing. This certificate is necessary to prove successful fungal remediation has been completed inside of existing containment areas and to document the area(s) remediated are safe for occupants to enter.

Decontamination & Biohazard Cleaning
Environmental Services offers specialized biohazard cleaning/removal and decontamination services performed using proper area containment (to pevent cross-contamination), specialized tools and chemicals, and professionally certified de-con specialists. This under the guidance of our case-specific protocols for each situation ensures that any areas of concern on your property are properly managed.

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