justin rowlett / Los Osos, Ca, US

I am a father of two beautiful girls, a husband to my lovely wife of almost 10 years, and of course, a Hanson fan. My wife introduced me to Hanson, which for a while I wouldn't give them a second thought, then I decided to go with her to a show, after that first live show, I was hooked. The guys amazed me and I've been a huge fan ever since. I was a reporter (interviewing the guys was crazy awesome!!)at the San Francisco show in 2011, highlight of my fan journey. My wife and I flew to Tulsa in 2012 for MOE and that was an amazing weekend! We hope to back in 2015 for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our 6 year old is also a huge fan, knows every song, and dreams of meeting the guys. That's it I guess. 

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