Priscila Ferrareze Borgarelli Tavares / JUNDIAI, SP, BR

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I've been a Hanson fan since 1997 and my favorite song is Man from Milwaukee, and as I told you, Hanson - in São Paulo, Brazil, last month (08/26/2017): "Thank you guys for playing it here, I love it!" <3

I love all your songs, but that one and With you in your dreams are very special for me!

Now about me: I think Life is amazing! 

I am a lover of music and sound - whether it's music or the ocean - and nature. I am a dreamer, a traveler. I am curious about how things work and what they are made of, about how people think, about animals and the Universe; someone passionate about languages, a person very close to family and friends, a person who thinks nothing is impossible if you want it and strive to achieve your goals. Someone who likes to observe how things happen and how life teaches us, a thinker. I'm someone who wants to do well for myself, but without hurting anyone. Someone who thinks that every new person met is a whole new world to discover. A person who thanks God for every new day because it is a blessing and a chance to be a better person and learn more. Welcome to my world.

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