Guidelines On Crafting An Author Interview And Article Review

An article review provides in-depth details behind an article written by another writer. It summarizes work completed for the article content presented. An author interview is when you ask an author a series of questions about their body of work or previous projects they have completed. Professional writer Adam Longer from Resumethatworks, says: "When working to create a great article review or author interview, you need to consider the audience you are writing for. Think about details you need to know that will provide insight and knowledge behind the work created."

What is Significant Details You Feel Will Catch the Attention of Readers?

An article review will highlight good information that was shared by the article writer. An author interview will ask questions about the writer’s background and interest. When you share related details you need to consider your reading audience and what they will want to read about. You can consider highlighting useful information mentioned in the article, or share inspirations of the author that others will find interesting.  Take your time assessing information from the article and ask good questions in your interview.

When Writing Rough Drafts is a Good Idea

After you have taken time to collect enough material for your review or interview, start putting it together with a rough draft.  This is a good idea to help you assess the information you have collected.  When you read an article read it a few times to understand the content in further detail. Take notes on things that stood out. For the author interview, if you planned ahead and researched good questions to ask, you should have good notes taken on those answers.  Creating a rough draft helps you plan for your final draft. You will write your findings based on the format you are expected to follow for your project. Anyway if you are struggling with writting an article you can always ask help from cheap essay writing service canada.

Use an Outline to Organize and Structure Important Points

The outline will help you structure your talking points around your main idea or purpose. This will help you write your rough draft based on information you collected.  You can review talking points you want to discuss and place them in order depending on where you want them to appear. The outline breaks up your paper into smaller parts allowing you to present your findings in an organized structured manner.  After writing a rough draft go back over and revise your work carefully. Proofread and edit before submission.

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