Vanessa Cabintoy / Surrey, BC, CA

I've been a fanson since '97, when I was just a teeny bopper 13 y.o. girl back in my home country, Philippines. I now live in British Columbia, Canada. I fell in love with Hanson when I watched and heard "I Will Come To You" for the first time on MTV Asia, it's still my undisputed all-time favorite Hansong! 

They're very first visit in the Philippines was in 2004 for their album, Underneath. I remember being a college student at that time with no money to buy their concert ticket so me and my friend went to see their guesting in a noontime variety show called "Magandang Tanghali Bayan!" (Good afternoon,  Philippines!). We were in the line at 5am! I'm glad they still continue to make music for their fans, and I can afford to buy Hanson's  concert tickets now! 

I hope to attend Hanson Day and BTTI one day, and connect with other Fansons from different parts of the world! 

God bless and love y'all! ❤️

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