Frances Hill / Racine, Wisconsin, US

Luv Hanson since '97 listen to their music daily everything about them is unique thought provoking relatable and non pretentious

I still have the Middle Of Nowhere CD that I got from Target way back when 

My favorite songs are Wheres the love mmmbop hand in hand runaway run I was born joy to the mountain penny and me child at heart this time around I will come to you great divide dance like you just don't care white collar crime

im discovering their music catalog still so I will most likely add to this list in the near future 

I'm from Wisconsin born & raised I work as independent contractor for a consulting firm my hobbies are cooking decorating singing finger knitting writing poetry gardening reading I am a Christian animal lover family oriented workaholic neat freak with a pet cockatiel named Barack

I believe in God Jesus Holy Spirit the Holy Bible prayer faith agape forgiveness servitude obedience ~ Amen 

I am so happy to finally be a H.net member this has so far been a fun experience that hopefully will continue for me 

Seeing each member of Hanson grow as artists and as people has been amazing to say the least. Everything they bring to the table as individuals is deeply inspirational. 

Issac, your Grace Unknown Podcast is outstanding

Taylor, your Food On The Move Non Profit reminds me of Deuteronomy 15:4-5,7-8,11

Zac, your fountain of youth mixed with a rare world view type wisdom are exquisite gifts that blesses people as they hear & connect by way of your many platforms

You believe in yourselves your gifts and each other and this why you have stood the test of time have many legions of faithful fans produce awesome music with a longevity of over 30 years straight ~  no other boy band and/or family band can say the same 

You never let things people or petty worldly issues/challenges haters or nay sayers bring you down nor tear you apart ~ God bless the 3 of you always 


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